Rose Trellis



  • 1 ball knitting worsted Peaches & Creme Solid or Variegated
  • 1 ball Article 940 America’s Best Country Cotton Cabled
  • Size 7 ( 4.50 mm ) needles, single point
  • Tapestry needle
  • Towel: use 3 balls of the above yarn of your choice


  • B=Border : B4=Border of 4 stitches
  • k=Knit
  • p=purl
  • wyif=with yarn in front
  • sl=slip ( purlwise unless stated differently )
  • WS=wrong side
  • RS=Right side
  • sts=stitches


Multiple of 8+6+B

Row 1: ( WS ) B4, purl across row, B4
Row 2: ( RS ) B4, k1, * sl2wyif, k2, p4 * to last 9 sts: sl2wyif, K3, B4
Row 3: B4, purl across row, B4
Row 4: B4, k1, * k2, sl2wyif, p4 * to last 9 sts: k2,sl2wyif, K1, B4
Repeat rows 1-4


Small: 24 stitches
Medium: 38 stitches
Large: 46 stitches
Towel: 62 stitches

Cast on and knit 1 inch of border. Knit pattern until border length away from end of cloth. End on an odd row. Knit border, bind off and weave in loose ends.


  • Samples made with Peaches & Creme worsted weight Faded Denim
  • Sample towel used 5.3 ounces of yarn and measures 21.5 inches long by 1305 inches wide
  • Sample cloth used 1.2 ounces of yarn and measures 7.5 inches long by 8.0 inches wide
  • For more pictures see side bar insert labeled Free Patterns
  • If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me by way of comments to this site.

Please be advised that this pattern is copyrighted to Norma R. WAMPLER and July-2008 All Rights Reserved. You may PRINT OUT A COPY for personal and charitable use only.Pattern may not be shared via email, or posted on websites, blogs or given to groups without written permission from Norma R. Wampler. You may reach me by way of comments to this site.

Note: Revised Jan. 12, 2009 to correct errors.

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