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I am excited today because a major summer activity ended yesterday. This is the first day in almost two months that my mornings have been completely free. This means a lot more free time to do what I want to do.

I will be doing usual Mom jobs such as cleaning and laundry. There is now also free time for me to do some fun things for me.

Here are some of the things on my list in random order:

  • Begin serious work on my part of the gift for my friend who lost her child this summer.
  • Resume knitting a half finished pair of socks begun a couple of months ago.
  • Update the sidebar on this blog.
  • Add links to patterns on my other blog: Dish and Wash Cloth Mania.
  • Write an article two for the above blog that I have been wanting to do for a while.
  • Update the sidebar of that blog.
  • Organize recently printed out patterns by placing them in notebooks with protective covers.
  • Catch up on dish and wash cloths from a couple of KAL’s to which I belong.
  • Knit at least one dish or wash cloth pattern a week I have not tried before.
  • Finish some scarves that are partly done.
  • Take some time to learn HTML and CSS.
  • Finish reading a book a friend loaned me a few months ago.
  • Update the Bookmarks file on this computer.
  • Catch up on email.

That is enough to keep me busy for a while in between work, exercising, homeschooling and other Mom/Wife jobs.

The hard part will be remembering that I am only one person and that everything does not have to be done at once.

Blog and Knitting Ignored

I started a slipper sock a little more than a week ago, but about and inch or two into it decided the yarn was better suited for a scarf. All I could think of while knitting it was that the yarn would be a wonderful addition to a multi stranded scarf because of its nice warm brown/orange color and softness. The yarn kept telling me it wanted to be a scarf and not slippers.  Years of experience with fibers have taught me to listen to my gut intuition and the fibers with which I am working.  The slipper sock no longer exists. In its place is an empty set of #7 DPN’s and some unused yarn.

Most of life has been temporarily placed on hold for the past couple of weeks due to some health issues.Between the health issue and a grueling work schedule it has been hard to plan long term projects. I will not bore those of you who read this with the details, except to say that your prayers for safety and protection during a procedure this coming Friday would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, life will return to some state of normalcy very soon.

About Me

About Me

My roles in life include being a wife; a home school parent; an RN, and a member of the community. I am a Christian.

My primary role is that of wife and mother. We became a homeschooling family in 2000 in response to our child’s need. Our decision was not made lightly and was done after prayer, soul searching and obtaining counsel of trusted people. Our only regrets are that we did not do this before sending our child to school.

Homeschooling is not something we do during specified hours of the day, but instead is a lifestyle. Our philosophy is that learning is a lifelong process.

I am also an avid knitter and crocheter who has enjoyed both arts for more than 40 years. I can and will knit or crochet almost anything that suits my wants or needs. I will alter a pattern to suit my needs or wants and have written a few of my own. I enjoy writing and doing research about anything that interests my family, friends or myself.


The transition has finally been made. I have officially been working as an RN for the past two weeks in a Retirement Facility. It has been a time of learning, meeting new people, renewing old skills and learning new ones. It has not been as hard as I feared. The staff has all been very supportive and kind. The other nurses are among the best with whom I have ever worked. They have graciously gone out of their way to make my return to nursing as easy as possible. They have succeeded.

Blog Deleted

I deleted a blog today before posting a note anywhere that this would happen. The blog was:Favorite Links @ http://dcm2.wordpress.com/

It has been replaced with:Fiber Links
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

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My glasses arrived yesterday afternoon!! After about a month I can finally see normally again! I had taken them to an optical shop associated with a former employer of DH thinking I could save some money. That was fine in theory but they did not make them to meet my needs twice. After getting them back wrong from the lab the second time, I asked for my money back for the lenses. My choice was to keep and pay for the frames. I was told the refund is on its way from the company’s home office. This occurred on Monday.

Tuesday morning the frames and prescription were taken to a local optical shop. My needs were explained. I was told the glasses would be ready for pickup by Friday or Monday. Yesterday afternoon my anxious inquiry was met with the response that the glasses had arrived. I was still dubious to say the least. There have not been many times in my life when a lab has been able to prepare them accurately this quickly. To my delighted surprise, not only were they ready, but they were made correctly. I could see!!!

This means that I can drive again; have fewer headaches; and look for work.

It will take a while for me to adjust to them since they are a stronger bifocal than the previous prescription. My tolerance for them last night was limited but will hopefully increase in the next couple of days.


I finally chose a Theme and created a custom header. It was hard to choose the header because it had to be different from my other blog: Dish and Wash Cloth Mania.

The sidebar desperately needs updated. There are lots of links to be added and some other changes to make, but those will have to wait until tomorrow.


There are times when life doesn’t go the way we hope it will. This is one of those times for me. About six weeks ago my nursing license was re-instated. I let it lapse several years ago when I quit working to become a Stay at Home Mom who homeschools. Shortly after it arrived in the mail, my glasses got broken. This is a big issue because it means that driving is very difficult to say the least.

I am now in the process of waiting on new ones to arrive. It has been more than two weeks since new ones have been ordered. I am still waiting. This should not be a surprise. It normally takes labs a long time to grind my prescription properly. It was even like this when I lived accross the country shortly after getting married so I know it is not just the labs in this area. Hopefully they will be ready by this weekend. In the meantime, job hunting is limited to online searching. It is a safety issue not only for myself but for others as well.

So much for complaining…. I am not the one in charge of this. I know that God knows what is going on and why. If it were up to me, I would have been working for the past several weeks.

While I am waiting for my glasses to arrive there is plenty of time to do other things. Most of them are not exciting, but that’s all right. Here they are in random order.
1.My family is getting plenty of Mom time.
2.The house is getting a bit of extra attention.
3.Loose ends on a lot of crocheted hats are being woven in. There is someone in my town waiting to recieve them so they can warm heads of children.
4.Dish and wash cloths are being knitted. One is on the needles right now. Most of them will be given away either to family, friends or charities.
5.I owe my very patient mother a pair of slippers. These are long overdue. I know what I will be doing tomorrow.
6.There are scarves to be made for the Orphan Foundation of America. These won’t get
mailed until January of 2007, but it is not too early to work on them.
7. There are blogs to be updated.
8. There is data on the hard drive to be backed up.
9. Some Library books need to be read so they can go back.

The list only mentions a few things to be done. This is Wednesday evening and we have been told my glasses will be ready by Friday. Hopefully they will be.

A Few Things

I found an interesting Blog while working online a few days ago. It is called Bittersweet.
Take a look at some of the patterns on the Free Patterns page for some real treats. Even my husband enjoyed this.

As usual I have been busy adding patterns to Dish and Wash Cloth Mania. It has grown so much and so fast that I am amazed. There is always something new to add.

There has even been time to knit this past week. Here are some pictures of what I have made:

These are both made using Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth pattern that I have used before. They got done while riding in the van and during family reading time. I used Peaches’n’Cream Emerald Frost for the one on the left. It was in a cone that has been in my stash for a long time. The other one is from some Cancun Cotton made by Columbia Minerva. I got it from a thrift shop a few years ago and have been waiting for some inspiration to use it. The pattern is quite simple but was what I needed this week end.

Much Better

This is much better. I spent a large amount of time yesterday and some this morning searching for a blog template that suits me. In typical fashion I found it almost right under my nose here at WordPress. This one is so beautiful!! Purple in all of its shades and hues is one of my favorite colors in the whole world. The other factor that attracted me to this template was its versatility.

We took a down day yesterday which was fun and relaxing. While the rest of my family played video games, I worked on two of my blogs, looked for templates for two of them and did some web surfing. It doesn’t sound exciting, but was still my idea of fun. Today is being spent catching up on some household tasks that did not get done on the weekend.