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Year In Review

I have been thinking about this past year this week. It has been a busy exciting year full of changes. Some of the changes include:

  • I have resumed knitting.
  • We have two functioning vehicles.
  • I began blogging and have five blogs on WordPress plus others.
  • I returned to work as an RN.
  • I kept a Needlework Journal.
  • My yarn purchases were limited with the result that my stash has decreased by a small amount.
  • I now belong to some online knitting and charity groups.
  • My household was introduced and switched to Firefox as its’ default web browser.
  • We also did the same as the above with Thunderbird.
  • We replaced my computer with a more current model and operating system.

It has been a most unique year in many ways. One of my hopes and prayers is that life can settle down a bit in 2007.