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Fun Day

Yesterday was fun by my standards. I fell in love with playing around on computers from the first time I saw the original Apple 11c. It intrigued me and caught my imagination and sense of fun. I was hooked. My first computer provided lots of fun and learning.

Fast forwarding more than twenty years, One of my ideas of fun is still to have computer time.  I enjoy playing around on the internet; blogging and playing around with themes. My free time yesterday was spent making some changes to this blog. My goal was to minimize some of the clutter and still place information on the site that I want to have here. That meant weeding out and replacing dead links;playing around with color changes;rearranging some pages and adding links to a side bar.

In the middle of doing those things I learned how to use and work with  custom menus in order to make them look pleasing to me. I also learned where and how  to make sticky-notes. Those were some fun and simple  skills to acquire.

There are more things to do but they will have to wait until time permits.


Hurray For Technicians

We upgraded our DSL to U-verse with our ISP a couple of months ago. Since then our internet access has been inconsistent…At least until today.  Last evening my wonderful husband called Tech Support  and was told  a technician would be here today. That alone was impressive.

The young man who came was here for just a few minutes and solved the problem. It turned out that our Gateway was set to the time of a different time zone. He corrected the error; tested all of our equipment and announced that to the best of his knowledge that the problem was solved. Evidently he was right. My computer has been on and connected to the internet all afternoon with the exception of  a couple of minutes one time.  It has been several hours now and I am still connected despite a Thunderstorm.  I am impressed and pleased!!

Weekend Mornings

It is Saturday morning. Weekend mornings are my favorite time of the week. My household is asleep.   They are traditionally my quiet time.  I can do what I want with no interruptions unless our dog wakes up and needs to go out.   By now I have been awake for almost an hour and a half. Outside the neighborhood is slowly coming to life. I can hear the activity on the main road a block away.The sun is well on its way to rising and waking the world. It is shining over my back from an open space between the curtains. There is a gentle crispness in the air that announces the changing of the season from Summer to Fall. It is beautiful. My house is quiet except for the sounds of the refrigerator/freezer running and the clicking of the keyboard as I type. It is peaceful and refreshing. There is time for prayer and  reflection. 

Some mornings I take time for a cup of tea; read a book or knit or crochet. Not so today.Today, as I do on many weekends, I have chosen to use this precious time doing an assortment of tasks on the computer.A favorite site has been explored for knitting patterns with which I am not familiar. Some have been added to my list of Things to Make.I have checked the dashboard on one of my blogs. There are no comments to answer. Email has been checked. There are no messages requiring my immediate attention.  A new widget has been added to this site and has been considered for another blog. I will wait a while before making the final decision about adding it.

In a few minutes I will take a break from the computer to check on the laundry. Then I will take time to work on one of my blogs. It is one of my favorite things to do. My readers and users depend on it being current to meet their needs. It is also part of my way to return a bit of what I have received from the  community of  fiber artists  who so greatly enrich my world.

By the time my family awakens I will have been refreshed.

Sidebar and Learning

I have been playing around with computers as a hobby  in one way or another since the early days of the Apple 2c.  There is so much to learn and do that it is still a mind stretching hobby.   A few months ago have decided to spruce up this blog by adding buttons to the sidebar.  The first button or two took what seemed like forever to place just where and how I wanted it.  That was chalked up to learning. It was hard learning but it also good.  I still remember how proud I was of myself when the first button was in place.

My most recent decision is to join some net rings for the purpose of being connected to others who enjoy the fiber arts .  Once again I am in the position of adding buttons to the sidebar of this blog. It is not such a difficult task as it was the first time or two.  I am still learning and stretching my brain muscles a bit….I know there is no actual muscle tissue in the brain, after all I am a nurse. But you get my point. This whole process of blogging can be and is at times a real learning experience. It is fun learning and helps keep me young.

The past cople of days have been interesting. I accidentally locked myself out of my Yahoo accounts on my favorite browser. This did not make me   a happy person. It interfered with plans to do some things on line. A few things got done because we keep more than one browser on our computer.

This morning in the middle of  breakfast it dawned on me to use one of the other browsers and checkYahoo  for groups  that offer help for users of my favorite. Presto!!  After only a couple  minutes one was found. The wonderful people on that group answered my questions and the problem was solved. I am impressed and pleased!

Not only did they solve the problem, but they taught me a few things as well. Learning can be so intersting and fun! This one reason I enjoy computers so much.

It’s been almost three weeks since by Nursing license arrived. My computer’s hard drive quit working shortly after I made my last post here. Job hunting without a computer was almost impossible. So now I am doing some serious job hunting.
I now have a different computer with a brand new hard drive and lots of memory. I have spent a lot of time setting it up to suit my family and I, but mostly me. It has been a fun job. The hard part is recovering some of my links. This time, they are getting backed up every couple of days.

No Internet Service

<>This week has been interesting.

I sat down on Thursday evening to read some mail and possibly write on my blogs, only to discover that I could not access the internet. Bummer!!! After checking all the computer conenctions and restarting the computer, I called my husband and told hime I needed him to contact our ISP. He has far more patience with the customer service people there than I will ever have.

After spending quite a while with them he informed me that we will be recieving a CD in the mail to remedy our problem.  Oh goody…All I need is to be without  internet access for several days….I know that is a whine, but I am spoiled by having this great resource at my disposal.

This evening, while in the midst of internet withdrawal, I asked my loving husband to contact the ISP and ask them some more questions. He looked at me, said he thought he remembered some previous instructions from one of the tech support people. He decided to unplug the router, turn of fthe modem and shut down the computer for a while. After several minutes, he plugged up the router, and restarted the modem and computer. He finally called me in to look at the monitor….There was my homepage on my favorite browser!!! Yeah!!! We were back online. After a little more than 48 hours without internet access I was back online. Suddenly there is so much to do:

  1. Down load email.
  2. Answer email.
  3. Check on blogs.
  4. Update blogs.
  5. Make and follow up on a list of things to look up. We are a homeschooling family and as such use the internet much like an encyclopedia. One of my jobs is to look up answers to questions on the computer. Others are capable of doing so, but I am the one who truly enjoys the task.
  6. Read the local paper online.
  7. Read a favorite blog which has not been visited in days.
  8. Check another site for a crochet pattern.
  9. <>Look up a web site that has forms for parents to use.
  10. <> Locate and download a dishcloth pattern I am wanting to try.
  11. I am sure there are more things to do online, but you get the idea…..Face it, I am an internet junkie.