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Exploring Patterns

A couple of weeks ago I started looking online again for patterns that were either inexpensive or free. I found and made two I have never seen before.

This first one is a Ravelry download called : My Six Row Dishcloth.

I made it using the large cone of Yellow cotton in my stash:

Six-Row-ClothThis was an easy pattern to crochet. I think the fact that it does not lie straight is because I pulled the center yarn too tight.

This next one I found thanks to a Google Alert. The pattern is Dashed Stripe and can be found here on Georgina Giles site.

Dashed-StripeI made this using a cone of Potpourri Ombre made by Lily Sugar’n’Cream. It was easy to knit and has great texture.

The next two cloths are from Dishcloth Diva by Deb Buckingham. The book is available from bookstores, amazon.com or as a Ravelry  download.

They were both easy and pleasant to knit. These are larger cloths and used 1.7 and 1.5 ounces of yarn. I want to make the In Style cloth again using a solid color to show off the pattern.

The last two cloths to show are both made using the pattern My Fave Dishcloth by Kathy North:

The pooling of the cloth made from the Sea Mist is interesting. It just happened that way.

I will be posting more about my Cotton project on the weekend.

May all of you be safe and warm.



Obsessed With Reading

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for the  2012 E-Book Challenge.  At that time I decided my goal was to read 100 E-Books by the end of the year.  Since then, I have been reading almost every possible moment of the day.  I cannot read enough. There are so many books to be read and so little to read them. Where shall I begin? There are books about baseball. There are history books. There are books about words and language. There are books about science and medicine. There are books about nursing and psychology. There are biographies.  There fiction books. Some are action and adventure. Some are mysteries. Some are romance novels. There are books about the fiber arts such as knitting and crocheting….The list is long and the time is limited.

I hope you have a good book to read today and all days!






Pictures To Share

This gallery contains 12 photos.

These are pictures of some of my favorite projects I have done over the years.    

New Pattern Added

A new pattern has been added : Melinda Cloth

I will be updating the picture in the next few weeks. Please enjoy using and making it.

New Pattern

I have added a new Free Pattern  Page for a Table Mat.  A fellow Raveler saw one of my projects made from the pattern and asked  me to write it up a couple of days ago. Please take a look and use it if you like it.

Busy Knitting

I have not posted much in the past month because I have been buy knitting. One of the the young ladies at work, who is also the mother of a toddler, had a new baby a couple of months ago. Another younger lady is expecting a child sometime within the next month. I have been busy knitting them some washcloths. In addition to cloths for the babies, I am making some for the toddler, using favorite colors.

Here are some group pictures of the cloths:

Light Colored Cloths

Here is a picture of the darker cloths:


Dark Colored Cloths


The patterns I used are: Basket Rib Cloth and Hills and Valleys

If you want more details about them, my Ravelry ID is scrunchyy.  The pictures there are a lot easier to see and show the colors a lot better.


Vacation Ending

Today is the last day of my vacation. It has been busy and restful.

My husband returned to work this past Monday. Most of my time this week has been doing Mom jobs such as catching up with laundry, cleaning the kitchen and other odd jobs that help keep life in order.

One of my projects this week was to work on a batch of baby wash cloths for a co-worker who is expecting a child in a couple of months.  They are finished except for having loose ends woven in and being photographed. My original plan was to do it today, but I decided it would wait. today is my last day off  and I need some time just for me.  Instead, I allowed myself the luxury of curling up with a good book and reading for a few hours. It felt wonderful to do this. That part of the project won’t be done until one day next week.

Still On Vacation

Last week flew by in a hurry! My original plan was to write here at least 2-3 times. Life and my family had other ideas. We were busy everyday last week with one or two exceptions.

Here are pictures of a couple projects I found last week and am currently working on;

Scrap Blanket

The yarn is Peaches and Creme Worsted Wt. Cotton.  I am using a combination of yarn on cones and some from grab bags. It is little over half way finished at this time. The pattern is a ripple that was originally designed for a scarf exchange about a year and a half ago.Please excuse the loose ends. They will get woven in later.

Diagonal Baby Blanket

This is made from Peaches and Creme Lilac Ombre.


Basket Rib Towel

This is was started last weekend on the first day of vacation. It is the Basket Rib Towel by Traci. I am using Baby Blue Peaches and Creme worsted Wt. Yarn. This is for my kitchen.

I will post later about some of our adventures.

First Day of Vacation

Today is the first day of vacation for my husband and I. We have not had more than a three day weekend  off together in several years. I am super excited about this.

We have chosen to not go out of town. Instead, we have several activities planned to do locally. We are also doing some things around home that have been put off until these two weeks.

Today was a work day for us. On the surface that does not sound exciting or like much fun. It was a bit of both, combined with hard work for both of us.  Both of us had different jobs to do.

My job was to look for a couple of projects that I accidentally hid on myself when I was in a de-clutter mood a few months ago. I was so excited about getting started that I woke up early.  I began my search my going through the craft closet in our spare bedroom. I pulled out everything from the bottom of the closet. This included several bins of yarn, a plastic cabinet on wheels that has drawers in it,  and a few other odds and ends. The bins were searched with no success. DH looked on the shelf for me when he got up. ( I have a hard time climbing on chairs to see the back fo the shelf. )  I finally found the projects in a plastic bag in the basement. I will post pictures of them later this week.

The second item on my list to do today was to go through my stash with the goal of sorting as much as felt comfortable to be given away.  A friend has accepted my offer of some of it. Since we are meeting later this weeks for her to receive it, I wanted to allow myself as much time as possible to get it ready for her. This was a fun task! There are now several bags for her to take and also some to give to a local charity.

While I was doing all of this, my husband was sorting  some of the books we have accumulated over the years. Some of them are going to a local library and others are being routed to homeschoolers in our area. There are now several boxes ready to be given away next week.

The best part will be next week when we deliver the results of our de-cluttering to the appropriate people and places. Not only will others get items they want, but our home will be minus a lot of things we are no longer using.




Welcome to the new home of Stitching and Living.

You will find all of my patterns here. The design of this site will be changing as time allows in the upcoming weeks.  I will also be posting more frequently.