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Side Bar and Learning

If you  happened to visit this blog between about 6:50 and 7:10 pm Central Standard Time today, you may have noticed the  side bar looking a bit weird. I was in the process of adding the Magic 28 button and was having all sorts of difficulty getting the correct code in the text widget. It was one of those times when things were not working the way they should.

I extend my apologies to anyone who may have been offended by the situation.

Sidebar and Learning

I have been playing around with computers as a hobby  in one way or another since the early days of the Apple 2c.  There is so much to learn and do that it is still a mind stretching hobby.   A few months ago have decided to spruce up this blog by adding buttons to the sidebar.  The first button or two took what seemed like forever to place just where and how I wanted it.  That was chalked up to learning. It was hard learning but it also good.  I still remember how proud I was of myself when the first button was in place.

My most recent decision is to join some net rings for the purpose of being connected to others who enjoy the fiber arts .  Once again I am in the position of adding buttons to the sidebar of this blog. It is not such a difficult task as it was the first time or two.  I am still learning and stretching my brain muscles a bit….I know there is no actual muscle tissue in the brain, after all I am a nurse. But you get my point. This whole process of blogging can be and is at times a real learning experience. It is fun learning and helps keep me young.


Yeah!! I did it!!! I learned how to add buttons to the sidebar of this blog. I am super excited. There is now a “Knit From Your Stash” button on the sidebar. It took a bit of playing around and checking out the code from one of my older blogs.  Thanks to the forums at WordPress and Lisa from Calming Seas ( who showed me months ago how to do the same on another blog).

For those of you who have been doing this for a while it is probably not a big accomplishement. Right now for me it is a big accomplishment. The next time it won’t be nearly as much of a challenge.

The best part of this experience is that I now have more freedom to customize all of my blogs.