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Ravelry Link

I finally got around to adding a link to Ravelry to a sidebar here. I have not done so for a few reasons. The main one was my fear of not doing it correctly without a problem. Normally doing something like that is not difficult and this was no exception. It only took a few minutes and very little effort. The hard part was deciding to do it and getting started. I am glad I did.

Knitting/Crocheting and Blogging Slump

The past month has seen me in the worst blogging and knitting slump in ages. I am also way behind in email. There has just been a lot of activity in my life, most of which is not exciting. It took a couple of weeks  for my household to fully recover from the flu that hit us in February. Somewhere along the way I have had a flare up of arthritis in a knee which was injured as a teenager. It tends to happens a couple of times a year and never fails to wipe me out. This time was no exception. As of yesterday, the knee was feeling much better.

For the first time in ages, a computer time slump and a knitting/crocheting slump have hit at the same time. I am finally starting to snap out of both of them in the past few days. Yeah!! I will be spending time this weekend doing an assortment of knitting/crochet  and computer related activities. I have some ideas, but will have to see how much gets done.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

A Passion

It seems like I have disappeared from this blog. I have been busy taking care of working on one of my passions which is almost anything related to dish, wash and face cloths. The truth is, it is an addiction. At one time in the past few weeks there were at least five cloths on the needles. I am now down to three. Some of them are freebies and others are purchased.  One of them sort of does not count since there will normally be one in my knitting bag for those times when I am either a passenger in a vehicle or when I am out and have waiting time. There is a pile of them waiting to be photographed for sharing.  That is going to have to wait until my day off in the middle of the week in a few days.

The other project which has been consuming my time is working on one of my other blogs: Dish and Wash Cloth Mania . It started out innocently enough at a different location. We had little or no money at the time and my household was running low on dish cloths that were not worn out. I did what an computer knowledgeable crafter would do and turned to the internet for help. That was about a year and a half ago. The small blog has become a bit larger to say the least. I have discovered lots of patterns, both free and for sale,  by fantastic designers out there on the internet. In the past few weeks much of my time has been spent updating that blog.  My motivation for saying this is not  is not to  get you to that site, but merely to tell you how my time has  been spent.

There is  more to  be said on this topic, but  it will have to wait. There are  other responsibilities  calling for my attention.

Have a great day!

Life and Knitting

It has been almost two weeks since I last posted here.
Life has been busy but  not exciting.Here is some of what has been going on:

  • I continue to knit and crochet in odd moments.
  • A few dishcloths have been made. Some will stay here while others will go to assorted new homes.
  • Work continues on the Comfortghan for a friend at work. It is going very slowly.
  • My family and I have been diligently cleaning out and rearranging the basement of our home. This has consumed the past couple of weekends I have not worked for my employer.
  • Work is going through a super busy phase. There are days when I come home so tired it is all I can to have a snack combined with family time and go to bed. Sleep takes over.
  • This is allergy season for my family. It saps our energy. We sleep, try to eat healthy foods  and force a lot of fluids to keep going.
  • As a person with heart disease, exercising is a must. Walking daily, or at least trying to, is a priority. I can now walk almost a mile before needing to stop and catch my breath. My goal is to be walking five miles daily by my next appointment with the cardiologist.
  • We homeschool. Family time and teaching/learning time are a high priority and as such dominate life in my household.
  • I belong to some online email groups and have another blog. Mail is way behind in all of these areas. I feel badly about it, but am trying to catch up.

These are the things that have taken my time and attention from this blog. It is life and it is important.

Weekend Mornings

It is Saturday morning. Weekend mornings are my favorite time of the week. My household is asleep.   They are traditionally my quiet time.  I can do what I want with no interruptions unless our dog wakes up and needs to go out.   By now I have been awake for almost an hour and a half. Outside the neighborhood is slowly coming to life. I can hear the activity on the main road a block away.The sun is well on its way to rising and waking the world. It is shining over my back from an open space between the curtains. There is a gentle crispness in the air that announces the changing of the season from Summer to Fall. It is beautiful. My house is quiet except for the sounds of the refrigerator/freezer running and the clicking of the keyboard as I type. It is peaceful and refreshing. There is time for prayer and  reflection. 

Some mornings I take time for a cup of tea; read a book or knit or crochet. Not so today.Today, as I do on many weekends, I have chosen to use this precious time doing an assortment of tasks on the computer.A favorite site has been explored for knitting patterns with which I am not familiar. Some have been added to my list of Things to Make.I have checked the dashboard on one of my blogs. There are no comments to answer. Email has been checked. There are no messages requiring my immediate attention.  A new widget has been added to this site and has been considered for another blog. I will wait a while before making the final decision about adding it.

In a few minutes I will take a break from the computer to check on the laundry. Then I will take time to work on one of my blogs. It is one of my favorite things to do. My readers and users depend on it being current to meet their needs. It is also part of my way to return a bit of what I have received from the  community of  fiber artists  who so greatly enrich my world.

By the time my family awakens I will have been refreshed.

Early Morning Writings

It is hard to imagine that I am up and awake at this hour. Normally I prefer to be in bed asleep long before now. It has been a busy few days since my last post here.
The new washing machine  was delivered on Thursday, Sept. 20 at the time it was scheduled to do so. It works wonderfully. There has been a lot of laundry done this weekend thanks in part to its presence in our home. That combined with my Fall Cleaning mood has meant a very busy weekend. The house has been de-cluttered so much that it has been worth the time and effort.

I have been struggling with the lack of progress on the gift for my friend who lost her child this past summer. The crocheting is easy. The hard part of the process is that when I work on it, I sense her sorrow and pain. This might sound totally crazy to some people, but it is the truth. Of course, she is in my prayers daily, but she is even more so when I am making her gift. At this time, it is only 1/4 of the completed. My goal is to have it completely made and ready to give to her by the middle of October. It will just take a bit of self discipline to do so.

I have spent my knitting time in the past few days  making coasters and dishcloths. I find these to be wonderfully relaxing items to make. I will post pictures of them later this week.

My treat to myself for the past two days has been lots of computer time. It has mostly come in the form of adding  patterns to Dish and  Wash  Cloth Mania. Last year I promised to have an ample supply of Holiday related links to patterns listed on the site. Hopefully there are plenty this year.

Interesting Day

Today started out like a normal work day. I did a few things around the house; did some knitting and crocheting and spent time homeschooling. In the middle of those things, I did a few loads of laundry. That is typical. At least it was until I went downstairs to see if uniforms were ready to be put on an extra rinse cycle. The washing machine had stopped in the middle of the wash cycle and would not restart. I checked to make sure it was properly plugged in, which it was. I tried to start in on different cycles with no success. By that time I was worried. All of my uniforms were wet, dirty and soapy.

I did the best things I knew to do. I checked the checking account balance; figured out what could be spent to replace or repair the machine and called my husband at work for his thoughts on the subject.  The conclusion of our conversation was that I would ask my boss for the day off if possible and then check on the price of repairing this machine. If repairs were not cost effective then I would go buy a new washing machine.

My boss responded by giving me the day off. Now for the fun part of my day. I called a local appliance dealer with the reputation of honesty and integrity. Based on the symptoms the washer was displaying he said it sounded like the motor was going bad. This was not good news. He said the estimated replacement cost is about $175. This was worse news. It was clearly not cost effective to repair a machine that already had other problems besides that. It was time to do some shopping. The result is that a new washing machine will arrive here in the morning.

A check of Laura Spradlin’s site last evening provided a wonderful surprise update on the Rebuilding Greensburg Block by Block Project. Take a look here if you are interested. Words fail at this point. 🙂

I have been busy and having fun with fibers in the past few days.

This is a Darrell Waltrip Cloth made with Bernat Summerset. I enjoy using this pattern with variegated yarns because it shows off the colors well. It also works up quickly and easily. Despite all of the patterns readily available, this is one of my favorites.


This cloth is one I have never made before. It is called KBB Dishcloth by Cathy Waldie. I made it using Sugar’n Cream Twists in the color Denim Twists. It was started on 4.5 mm needles. Somehow in the middle of making it I started using one 4.5mm needle and one 4.25 needle. That was the result of knitting at the kitchen table with several needles handy and not paying attention to what I was doing. In spite of that, the cloth came out looking fairly well.  This is one of those patterns well worth using again and again in a variety of yarns.

Some time was spent this morning working on part of the gift for a friend at work. It is not progressing as quickly as I wish it were. One of the issues is that I am finding it a bit difficult to switch from using the natural fibers in the dishcloths to the acrylic fibers being used for this project. Could it be my taste in yarns is changing?

Blog Anniversary

The first anniversary of this blog was missed last week. That was not what I wanted to have happen, but it did. This blog began in a different location and was moved here on Nov. 7, 2oo6. There was no post here to commemorate that wonderful day.  🙁  At that time life was difficult and I was  in the middle of  looking for work outside the home.

A lot has happened since that first post of June 2o, 2006:

  • I have met some wonderful and talented people in the Blogosphere
  • Many hours have been spent writing this blog and reading those of others.
  • Most of all I have had a lot of fun as  a blogger.

Side Bar and Learning

If you  happened to visit this blog between about 6:50 and 7:10 pm Central Standard Time today, you may have noticed the  side bar looking a bit weird. I was in the process of adding the Magic 28 button and was having all sorts of difficulty getting the correct code in the text widget. It was one of those times when things were not working the way they should.

I extend my apologies to anyone who may have been offended by the situation.

Please Help

This is strange for me and not at all related to fiber arts. I was reading blogs from my list of ‘Read Often’ sites that sits in a file on Firefox toolbar. I went to read “I Give Good Shot” by Anna in Alabama. The link did not work. The WordPress link said she deleted her blog. The Blogspot search, where she moved, could not locate her blog. I have searched my files and done a google search trying to locate her with no success.

If anyone knows where she moved or has heard from her, please let me know. Her absence from the blogosphere is worrisome.

Thank you in advance for any and all help with this.