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Pictures To Share

This gallery contains 12 photos.

These are pictures of some of my favorite projects I have done over the years.    

Back Again

It feels strange to finally be writing here again. The past couple of months have been a bit hard at times. Life is improving. All is well in my household.

In the past few weeks I have started to knit and crochet again.It has felt good to do so. It seems like I have been trying to make up for lost time.I decided to take pictures of some projects yesterday with the result that there are fresh pictures under Finished Items on the right side bar. 

Just Busy

I have been feeling guilty for not posting anything here in ages. Life has just been busy with every day activities. We have been taking time almost  every weekend I have off to work on cleaning out our basement. We have managed to get rid of books we don't want or need. We have recycled an assortment of thing that have lost their usefulness to us such as outgrown clothes, and that sort of thing. I have been gradually getting rid of my stash of acrylic yarn. The basement is looking a lot less cluttered.

In my spare time I have been trying to work on decreasing my stash of cotton yarn. This has been a dangerous thing to do. The last time I wrote I mentioned crocheting food and dishes. Since then I have had the pleasure of making an assortment of amigurumi projects. They range from  food to aliens and all sorts of things in between. Patterns, both free and for sale, can be found here on the internet, on Ravelry, on Etsy, on Ebay and in several books. A quick search using the term amigurumi on a search engine will lead to several resources.

My choice of yarn is 100% cotton for a few reasons. The main reason is that it is not flammable. This is a safety  issue to me because i don't want to take the risk of someone being harmed by an acrylic item in case of fire. Because of this my stash has an abundance of it in all sorts of colors.

Summer On It’s Way

All of a sudden it is the first week of June. The question that is looms on my mind is : Where did Spring go? The answer to that for me is a bit long. It was spent finding and settling in to a new job. That took an enormous amount of energy.

Some of the time was spent learning a new spin on an old hobby. I have learned to crochet food and dishes, ranging from bacon and eggs to a complete turkey dinner, with lots of trimmings. I have tried my hand at crocheting a variety of fruits and vegetables; glasses and cups of beverages. In the middle of this,my sewing skills have improved.

In order to do all of these things,some internet searches have been necessary. New techniques have been studied. Patterns new to me have been found, some free and some not free. Places like ArtFire and Etsy have been discovered. I have learned to use tags with my bookmarks on my browser. I have learned to use a size E or F hook with worsted wt. yarn. 

My Dish and Wash Cloth Mania blog has taken considerable amount of time. Most of the pages have been checked and dead links removed. Many new links have been added. It is a wonderful labor of love. My amazement at the number and marvelous quality of designers. Working on this blog is always an adventure.

It is no wonder i have gone to sleep and waken with thoughts of fibers on my mind.

Lost In Stitching

I suddenly realized that it has been more than six weeks since I have written anything here. The time has flown by quickly!

I have been lost in stitching. The moderators of one of the groups to which I belong on Ravelry announced a contest which consisted of making Amigurumi Food. Up until that time I had been a very practical knitter and crocheter that would not indulge in making things for the fun of it. One must be practical.  I thought about taking part in the contest for a couple of days.  After doing some research on the topic and with a lot of encouragement from my husband, downloaded a simple pattern. My first project was Little Fried Egg by Ana Paula. I still recall my sheer joy and delight at completing it. I had never made anything like that before. Not only was it three dimensional, but it was fun!! I laughed and giggled with glee!!! Listening to me that day you would have gotten the impression that I had accomplished a great feat. For me, I had. that was the first time in my life I had ever made something just for the fun of it. I was hooked. This was the start of a new aspect of fiber arts for me.

Much of my free time that weekend was spent looking for; downloading and printing free patterns from the Internet. I also looked for books about amigurumi on line and went on successful  searches for them at some local bookstores and one nearby LYS. My fascination with making food was growing.

I discovered Easter Eggs by Nikki Anders on Ravelry. Not only are they quick and easy, but they are gorgeous and use so little time and yarn. In very little time, i was making one of these every few days. I found other patterns on her blog as well as on the blogs of others. Pattern searches on Ravelry and Google and  led me to more patterns, a lot of free ones and some for purchase. How awesome! There are patterns available for almost every food imaginable.

I began spending time every day making some food item. This soon became more than an addiction, it became an obsession. I stayed up late at night and got up early in the morning to play with yarn and food. There were days when all that meant only 10-15 minutes, but that was all right. At least it was a bit of time to play with my newly found interest.

As time went by, I discovered  ETSY. It was there that I discovered Crafty Anna and KTB Designs.
Wow! They sell patterns in sets and cute ones at that in my opinion. 
Not only that, but based on price per pattern, they are not expensive. Now, several weeks later, I have a collection of patterns from
ETSY. There are other wonderful designers there as well. These two
happen to be my favorites.

At some point, I began to look at food in terms of color. For example:
is the inside of an apple Ivory or ecru? Is the inside of a banana
yellow or a different color? What is the best shade of red for the outside of an apple or carrot?  This has been  gloriously mind stretching. What a great way to learn to look at the world differently! I will never be the same.

Thank You Maile and Flo! Once again you have enriched my life and those around me forever.