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These are pictures of some of my favorite projects I have done over the years.    


Welcome to my new home. I have moved to

In the next few days and weeks you will be seeing changes here while I get used to my new home on the internet. Please patient with me during this time.




Yarn U iPad App

This is a wonderful and information packed app.  The first thing I noticed after opening it on iPad was the large number of yarns available for review.  There are options to sort by name and fiber type. You can also sort by  yarn  weight.  There are links in every yarn description to the stores that carry the yarn or free patterns. There are pictures on every page.  This is an app that will be used  often and for a  long time.



I am making some major design changes here for the next few days. There will be several items either missing or being moved around during this process. Please be patient while I juggle other responsibilities and activities while doing this.

End of Heat Wave

This has been a hot humid summer in my part of the Midwest. Temperatures have been in the 90’s to low 100’s range.  The humidity has made it feel even hotter. It has been miserable. Knitting needles and crochet hooks along with a healthy stash of yarn and projects have remained untouched.  Household tasks such as laundry and dishes have been done in the very early hours of the morning or possibly very late at night.

According to the weather forecast for the next ten days the worst of the heat is over for a while.  This is great news!  For the first time in weeks I will spend some time knitting. It will be a delightful and welcome treat.  There are two slippers that are only a few rows from being completely finished. They will be done today.  I will post pictures later this week.


Pet Peeve

One of my pet peeves in life is being called “Honey” by those who do not have the right to do so. It is not my name. It is condescending and reeks of ageism, especially when spoken by store clerks or others performing a service; such as staff in a Dr’s office.  I have had to bite my tongue and rein in my Irish temper several times when a store employee or the staff of a medical office use  the term “Honey” when addressing me.

There are others who are welcome to call me  by this name. Included in this list are: my husband;  close relatives; friends and colleagues as well as some of the staff  with whom I interact at work. The difference is the relationship I have with these people.  We know and respect each other, either personally or professionally.

I do admit to being over 40, being short and having white hair. My hair has been white for almost half of my life. it is genetic. Sometimes I wonder if people think it is acceptable to call me this because of my hair  color and the fact that I don’t look quite as young as I did twenty years ago. If so, that is wrong. It is disrespectful and not acceptable.



Things That Inspire Me

I am fortunate to have a spare bedroom in my home. Despite being small, it serves as a computer and craft room. Here are a couple pictures of its contents that inspire me.

This one is part of the acrylic and cotton in my stash. The acrylic will be used to make slippers for the Pink Slipper Project. The cotton will become baby items for a couple of charities.

Here is part of my stash of cotton yarn:

I am  inspired  by the beauty of the colors available for my use.

May each of you have a day full of colors and other things that inspire you.

Tornado in Joplin, MO

Joplin,  MO is located in the Southwestern part of the state.  Yesterday evening at 5:35pm Central Daylight Time it was hit by a tornado, which has been unofficially rated as an EF4. The town, including  one of its two hospitals has been severely affected by the effect of this tornado.

If you are interested in helping with the relief effort please go to the Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery page on Facebook. After looking around the internet this was the most complete resource I found.

If you are not able to donate or physically help with the relief effort, then please for all of those, including rescue workers, who are coping with the effects of this disaster.

To those of you affected by this disaster, please know that prayers are being sent for you.

Pink Slipper Project

I have recently begun making slippers for an organization that provides slippers to women and children living in domestic violence shelters.  It is  The Pink Slipper Project.  Slippers don’t have to be pink and they can be made using any pattern you feel comfortable using, for either women or children.  The site also includes free  downloadable patterns for knitting, crocheting or sewing slippers on the right hand sidebar. I can tell you from experience as a knitter and crocheter that those patterns are well written and easy to follow.

You will also find a list of sources for patterns here:

Free Slipper Patterns

Please take a look at the site and consider sending  a pair or two of slippers, or other items to this organization.

New Pattern Added

A new pattern has been added : Melinda Cloth

I will be updating the picture in the next few weeks. Please enjoy using and making it.