Easy Adult Scarf

Easy Adult Scarf

 Needles : Size 15-I use Addi Circulars because they are my favorites


1. Approximately 5-6 ounces Worsted Wt.Yarn (total )-Use 2 strands held together

2. Bulky Wt. Yarn 3-4 ounces used in a single strand

Gauge: approximately 3 stitches per inch ( it is not important because you can add stitches to make it as wide as desired )


Using 2 strands of yarn:

Cast on 12 stitches.

Knit each row as above until scarf is  approximately 60 inches or the  desired length and Bind off.

Note: This makes a scarf approximately 4 inches wide. The amount of yarn listed is based on this size and gauge.

Additional Notes:

1. I use the following technique that Judith Somerset shared  on the Dishcloths R Us e-mail list in July, 2012 : ” On every row: Knit into the BACK LOOP of the FIRST stitch. When you get to the last stitch, bring the yarn to the front and slip the last stitch as if to purl.” This creates a neat edge. I have since learned that this technique originated with Elizabeth Zimmermann. This is one variation of her concept.

2. I try to combine a softer yarn and a less soft yarn. For example: I have used a strand  of Red Heart Super Saver with a strand of I Love This Yarn.

23 I also like to combine  a strand of solid yarn and a strand of variegated yarn for a unique effect.

4. I have discovered that using 2 strands of I Love This Yarn makes a skinnier scarf than listed above.


Please be advised that this pattern is copyrighted to Norma R. Wampler and November-2012 All Rights Reserved. You may PRINT OUT A COPY for personal and charitable use only.Pattern may not be shared via email, or posted on websites, blogs or given to groups without written permission from Norma R. Wampler. You may reach me through Ravelry ID : scrunchyy or through comments at:  http://stitchingandliving.wordpress.com/

To the best of my human knowledge this is my original design.



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