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A Word About Yarn

You will notice that I normally  use  the original Peaches & Creme yarn or Sugar and Cream yarn.  That is because it is primarily what is in my stash. There are a lot of other good  brands of cotton yarns available such as : I Love this Cotton by Hobby Lobby, Sugar and Cream, Knit Picks yarns, Brown Sheep yarns and  many others.

Yarn comes in  different weights such as Aran, DK, Sport and Fingering Weight. If you want more information about yarn weights take a look at the Craft Yarn Council‘s page about Yarn Standards .  I am sure most of you know that yarn weight; hook or needle size and other factors affect gauge. Gauge affects the size of an item you make. Please keep these factors in mind if you use a different yarn than the one recommended by a designer or if you are making something where size is important.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!





Yarn U iPad App

This is a wonderful and information packed app.  The first thing I noticed after opening it on iPad was the large number of yarns available for review.  There are options to sort by name and fiber type. You can also sort by  yarn  weight.  There are links in every yarn description to the stores that carry the yarn or free patterns. There are pictures on every page.  This is an app that will be used  often and for a  long time.


End of Heat Wave

This has been a hot humid summer in my part of the Midwest. Temperatures have been in the 90’s to low 100’s range.  The humidity has made it feel even hotter. It has been miserable. Knitting needles and crochet hooks along with a healthy stash of yarn and projects have remained untouched.  Household tasks such as laundry and dishes have been done in the very early hours of the morning or possibly very late at night.

According to the weather forecast for the next ten days the worst of the heat is over for a while.  This is great news!  For the first time in weeks I will spend some time knitting. It will be a delightful and welcome treat.  There are two slippers that are only a few rows from being completely finished. They will be done today.  I will post pictures later this week.


Things That Inspire Me

I am fortunate to have a spare bedroom in my home. Despite being small, it serves as a computer and craft room. Here are a couple pictures of its contents that inspire me.

This one is part of the acrylic and cotton in my stash. The acrylic will be used to make slippers for the Pink Slipper Project. The cotton will become baby items for a couple of charities.

Here is part of my stash of cotton yarn:

I am  inspired  by the beauty of the colors available for my use.

May each of you have a day full of colors and other things that inspire you.