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Pink Slipper Project

I have recently begun making slippers for an organization that provides slippers to women and children living in domestic violence shelters.  It is  The Pink Slipper Project.  Slippers don’t have to be pink and they can be made using any pattern you feel comfortable using, for either women or children.  The site also includes free  downloadable patterns for knitting, crocheting or sewing slippers on the right hand sidebar. I can tell you from experience as a knitter and crocheter that those patterns are well written and easy to follow.

You will also find a list of sources for patterns here:

Free Slipper Patterns

Please take a look at the site and consider sending  a pair or two of slippers, or other items to this organization.

Knitting and Crochet Blog Day 3-One Great Knitter

The first name that comes to mind is  Maile Mauch. She has been a free lance designer of knitwear since 1974. Her designs have been published in a variety of places. At the present, some of her creations are available at the site for Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Company.

Somehow a few years ago I ran across her  website: K1,P1, Keeping You in Stitches. One of my goals at that time was to learn to knit lace. It was a technique I had never had the courage to try. I was amazed at the abundance of free patterns on her site with most of them being lace.

Soon after  I discovered her site she announced the establishment of a Yahoo Group called: Cloth Of The Week. She was offering to teach new knitting techniques on a weekly basis. And so she has for almost the past three years. I have learned  many skills from her  ranging from t how to make a yarn over following a purl stitch to feeling comfortable following more complex patterns. 

Maile's lasting gift to me is Courage: Courage to try new techniques…Courage to play with yarns and tools I have never used…Courage to think: "what if " and then to try out my idea… Courage to explore new patterns…Courage to try my hand at designing…Courage to go where I have never been. For this I will forever be grateful.

Shortly before Thanksgiving Maile had a stroke. At this time she continues to be recovering from this  event.

For Knitting and Crochet Blog Day 2

Since I have gotten behind blogging this is my attempt to catch up.

The topic for Day 2 was: Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to.

There are a few that come to mind. The first one is the Babette Blanket. In terms of  my skills, it ranks as very simple. My concern is the time commitment. It is a huge undertaking that I am not ready to do at this time.

I am fascinated by the color possibilities. They are endless. I have decided to use Peaches & Creme Worsted Wt. because it is my favorite cotton. Another reason for using it is the abundance of color choices. I want to make one showcasing all of the colors. My goal is to make another one using any colors that contain purple. I might choose to use a lighter shade such as White, Cream or Ivory to offset the darker shades.

The knitting project to which I aspire is to learn to knit Intarsia. I tried one time but did not catch the concept. I will try again in the next couple of months after some major projects are completed.

Knit and Crochet Week Day 1


Today’s Topic is: How and when did you start knitting/crocheting?

Because I knit and crochet this is a two part question.

I became thoroughly fascinated with the art of crocheting when I was five years old when I was in Kindergarden. My mother worked so I spent the afternoons after school was out with an elderly lady who lived a few doors down from the school. In good weather she sat outside in her front yard and crocheted. I vividly remember watching her make the most beautiful pineapple doilies using very fine thread and tiny steel crochet hooks. I was completely fascinated. She sat and made beautiful creations without a pattern meanwhile talking with me. One time I asked her how she could it without a pattern and she told me words to the effect of “I have done it so many times the pattern is in my head. ”

I was hooked and in love. From that time my goal was to learn to crochet with thread. My mother had different ideas saying that crocheting was only for poor people or old ladies. I did not care. I knew that one day this is what I wanted to do.

I was 12 or 13 before I finally learned to crochet using a book to teach myself. This was a bit of a challenge because I am left handed and the only books available to me in the 1960’s were written for right handed people. I was able to look at the pictures and follow the written instructions. It worked. I managed to learn enough basic skills to satisfy my curiosity until I became an adult.

Growing up I met some of my parent’s older relatives who crocheted. I was always fascinated.

Even as a young person I had distinct tastes in crochet hooks. My choice was the Boye hooks because they suited my hands and style better than other hooks.

I did not resume crocheting with any degree of seriousness until after College and Nursing School. At that time I was able to purchase my own books, yarn and tools. I discovered books such as:

I spent many hours devouring them. I learned to read English and American instructions. I learned so much there is not room to list it all here or anywhere.They remain treasured volumes in my collection.

I made my share of Granny squares and some small items in yarn. for many years knitting and crocheting took a back seat to to other interests.

I allowed myself to take a  Crocheting class at what was then Lee Wards in the 1990’s. I quickly learned that I knew more than I realized. I came away from the class with a large amount of much needed self  confidence. It also helped increase my love for and fascination with this wonderful art.

There was finally courage to try my hand at thread crochet! I successfully made an assortment of small doilies, coasters and a couple of collars to satisfy my hunger for thread. I had to face the reality that my eyes limit some of what I can feel comfortable doing. This is one of those things. I own some magnifying equipment and have the ability to purchase more, but it is not worth time or energy to do so at this time.

I learned to knit when i was 8 years old. Knitting lessons at a local Sears store were a gift from my mother. it was an alternative to my desire for crocheting. I learned to knit right handed on some 14 inch size 8 metal needles. I still own them today.

The lessons were good. i learned a lot and took to knitting easily and naturally. Reading patterns was the same way. In addition to basic  knitting I learned to treat yarn with respect and care. I made lots of slippers and other small items. I distinctly remember my mother being annoyed at my ability to knit without watching what I was doing.

I continue to knit and crochet to this day. There is normally at least one project on hooks and needles at the same time. There is still much to learn and do.

As much as I enjoy knitting, my first love continues to be crocheting. Memories of my first encounter with that amazing lady, her tiny steel hooks and fine thread continue to inspire me.

Thank you kind babysitting lady whose name I do not know! You have given me the gift of a lifetime.

My Table


This is a picture of my kitchen table last Saturday. Everyone in my household was asleep except for me, i decided to take advantage of it and treat myself to two of my favorite things: a cup of tea and crocheting. It was a very peaceful time as I sat crocheting. There was time to enjoy the feel of the rhythm of my hands making stitches with my hook and yarn.I had a sense of peace as I worked. My fingers flew as they made a
familiar stitch many times. I wondered who would receive this blanket and prayed for him or her to be comforted and warmed by it.

Before I knew it, my tea was gone;three rows of orange had been added to the blanket and it was time to wake my household. As I cleaned off the table I hoped the sense of peace would remain through the day, which it did.

Ready For Spring

We had a taste of Spring on Saturday. The temperatures got into the lower fifties. The air was warm  and fresh with a light breeze.The sun was even out. Like most people in our area we took advantage of the situation and spent a bit of time running errands. The people around us seemed much more friendly and relaxed.  It was wonderful to be out and about.  We enjoyed it while it lasted.

Sunday morning brought us back to the reality that we are still in the month of February with cool temperatures and rain. I am grateful it was not snow, but missed the warmth of the sun and the cheer it brought. Today was another chilly cloudy rainy day. I took advantage of it to play with yarn and look for some patterns online.

At the moment I have a Baby Genius cloth on my knitting needles. It is being made with some beautiful variegated  worsted  wt.  yarn that was in a Grab Bag from Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Company.This is a great pattern. Not only does it look wonderful knit with an ombre yarn, but it works up quickly and easily. It should be completed tonight before I go to bed. Pictures will be added to my Flickr Badge once they are taken.

First Love

My original motivation for having a blog was to talk about my adventures in knitting and crocheting. I was just starting to knit dishcloths. since i wasn't working outside the home, I relied on patterns from library books and books from my own collection. I learned very quickly that the internet is a very rich source of free patterns for all manner of dish and wash cloths. Rather than saving all the links in the Bookmark folder of my browser, I decided to list them on a side bar of my blog. Little did I know, how many were and are available. After a very short time my list had grown to the extent that it seemed most practical to devote an entire blog to this topic. Thus was born Dish and Wash Cloth Mania.

What started as a very small blog, has grown over the years to  have more than forty pages and more links than I can imagine. I continue to be fascinated not only making dish and wash cloths, but by searching for them on the internet. 

There are some amazingly creative designers and artists who share the
fruit of their love and labor with the rest of the world by turning
their patterns into dish or wash cloths, They are all beautiful! Due to piracy  and copyright issues, some designers have begun making
free patterns available only through Ravelry. I respect this.

Over the years, web hosts have gone out of business; designers have died or moved on to other activities; and others have quit offering free patterns in favor of selling them.In spite of these things the availability of free patterns remains astounding.

If you never tried making one, please do so. You might find you like them.

Back Again

It feels strange to finally be writing here again. The past couple of months have been a bit hard at times. Life is improving. All is well in my household.

In the past few weeks I have started to knit and crochet again.It has felt good to do so. It seems like I have been trying to make up for lost time.I decided to take pictures of some projects yesterday with the result that there are fresh pictures under Finished Items on the right side bar. 


In the midst of busy weeks, September slipped away. It was a bittersweet month. Jim White, of KMOX fame died. A chronic physical condition worsened and is now requiring  attention. I started a new job. 

When I woke up yesterday, one of my first thoughts was: "It is finally October!!" This is my favorite month.  Leaves start to change color and  drop from
the trees as the
temperatures begin to drop.The colors range from bright oranges to assorted shades of
brown. There are chilly,windy days that give way to cool evenings and
nights. The sun rises later in the morning and sets earlier in the evening. There is always a sense of newness and change in this month. I begin another of my life and am excited at the prospect of another year. There is something invigorating about this. This is also the time of year that lends itself to  curling up with a hot beverage and doing a fiber related project.  

For these reasons and more, I  joyfully welcome October!

Good Bye Mr.White

The local St. Louis paper announced the death of Jim White, a radio personality who retired from KMOX radio about ten years ago on Wednesday,  September 2. This was sad news for me. I spent many an hour listening to him as a young adult. He kept me awake  as I drove home from pulling evening shifts at a local hospital. He kept me company once I arrived home. Many nights I fell asleep listening to his voice and those of his guests. Many times he challenged my thinking. He talked about the importance of having more than one  hobby; of family and loving life. He was involved in the community and taught the importance of giving back to it by example.

His self given nickname was "The Big Bimper". He said this was related to his size and the shift he worked. It was a reference to "things that go bump in the night. "

In my opinion he ranks right up there with other KMOX greats: Bob Hyland, John McCormick, Jack Buck, Bob Hardy and Jack Carney.

When he retired, I felt sad,because that time slot on KMOX would never be the same. It wasn't.
At the same time, I was happy for him. He was taking time to enjoy his hobbies and the rest of his life. He was going to have more time to enjoy his family. He was embarking on a new adventure.

I still think of him  when  "things go bump in the night."

Wednesday he left this world for the next.

Good Bye, Mr. White. Thank you for all of the lessons you taught. Thank you for all of the memories.

May you enjoy eternity. 🙂