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WordCamp St. Louis 2014

I attended  2014 WordCamp St. Louis 2014 yesterday. It was fun and very educational. I chose to stay for only two classes because most of them were aimed at those with much more knowledge than I have at this time.  Some of the information I learned  included :how to connect with local WordPress users ; about the resources available on WordPress,org and  about other online resources for learning some of the information I want to learn. I also  met some delightfully amazing  people. It was time well spent. 🙂


Fun Day

Yesterday was fun by my standards. I fell in love with playing around on computers from the first time I saw the original Apple 11c. It intrigued me and caught my imagination and sense of fun. I was hooked. My first computer provided lots of fun and learning.

Fast forwarding more than twenty years, One of my ideas of fun is still to have computer time.  I enjoy playing around on the internet; blogging and playing around with themes. My free time yesterday was spent making some changes to this blog. My goal was to minimize some of the clutter and still place information on the site that I want to have here. That meant weeding out and replacing dead links;playing around with color changes;rearranging some pages and adding links to a side bar.

In the middle of doing those things I learned how to use and work with  custom menus in order to make them look pleasing to me. I also learned where and how  to make sticky-notes. Those were some fun and simple  skills to acquire.

There are more things to do but they will have to wait until time permits.