Monthly Archives: July 2011

Pet Peeve

One of my pet peeves in life is being called “Honey” by those who do not have the right to do so. It is not my name. It is condescending and reeks of ageism, especially when spoken by store clerks or others performing a service; such as staff in a Dr’s office.  I have had to bite my tongue and rein in my Irish temper several times when a store employee or the staff of a medical office use  the term “Honey” when addressing me.

There are others who are welcome to call me  by this name. Included in this list are: my husband;  close relatives; friends and colleagues as well as some of the staff  with whom I interact at work. The difference is the relationship I have with these people.  We know and respect each other, either personally or professionally.

I do admit to being over 40, being short and having white hair. My hair has been white for almost half of my life. it is genetic. Sometimes I wonder if people think it is acceptable to call me this because of my hair  color and the fact that I don’t look quite as young as I did twenty years ago. If so, that is wrong. It is disrespectful and not acceptable.