Still On Vacation

Last week flew by in a hurry! My original plan was to write here at least 2-3 times. Life and my family had other ideas. We were busy everyday last week with one or two exceptions.

Here are pictures of a couple projects I found last week and am currently working on;

Scrap Blanket

The yarn is Peaches and Creme Worsted Wt. Cotton.  I am using a combination of yarn on cones and some from grab bags. It is little over half way finished at this time. The pattern is a ripple that was originally designed for a scarf exchange about a year and a half ago.Please excuse the loose ends. They will get woven in later.

Diagonal Baby Blanket

This is made from Peaches and Creme Lilac Ombre.


Basket Rib Towel

This is was started last weekend on the first day of vacation. It is the Basket Rib Towel by Traci. I am using Baby Blue Peaches and Creme worsted Wt. Yarn. This is for my kitchen.

I will post later about some of our adventures.

2 responses to “Still On Vacation

  1. All projects are looking good! Have you any tips for me about weaving in loose ends? Whenever I do it, it seems the end sticks out later.

  2. Thanks! I am glad you like them.
    I am not sure if others weave them in like this, but I leave a fairly long tail of at least 6 inches if at all possible. Then I weave the end in different directions through the stitches themselves. When I cut the end of the tail, I do it as close to the stitching as I can. then I wait a while ( at least 5-10 minutes ) and check back to see if I need to trim it a bit closer. I hope this helps a bit.