First Day of Vacation

Today is the first day of vacation for my husband and I. We have not had more than a three day weekend  off together in several years. I am super excited about this.

We have chosen to not go out of town. Instead, we have several activities planned to do locally. We are also doing some things around home that have been put off until these two weeks.

Today was a work day for us. On the surface that does not sound exciting or like much fun. It was a bit of both, combined with hard work for both of us.  Both of us had different jobs to do.

My job was to look for a couple of projects that I accidentally hid on myself when I was in a de-clutter mood a few months ago. I was so excited about getting started that I woke up early.  I began my search my going through the craft closet in our spare bedroom. I pulled out everything from the bottom of the closet. This included several bins of yarn, a plastic cabinet on wheels that has drawers in it,  and a few other odds and ends. The bins were searched with no success. DH looked on the shelf for me when he got up. ( I have a hard time climbing on chairs to see the back fo the shelf. )  I finally found the projects in a plastic bag in the basement. I will post pictures of them later this week.

The second item on my list to do today was to go through my stash with the goal of sorting as much as felt comfortable to be given away.  A friend has accepted my offer of some of it. Since we are meeting later this weeks for her to receive it, I wanted to allow myself as much time as possible to get it ready for her. This was a fun task! There are now several bags for her to take and also some to give to a local charity.

While I was doing all of this, my husband was sorting  some of the books we have accumulated over the years. Some of them are going to a local library and others are being routed to homeschoolers in our area. There are now several boxes ready to be given away next week.

The best part will be next week when we deliver the results of our de-cluttering to the appropriate people and places. Not only will others get items they want, but our home will be minus a lot of things we are no longer using.



2 responses to “First Day of Vacation

  1. Sounds wonderful. That’s my kind of project 😉 Enjoy your holiday.