Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

My Table


This is a picture of my kitchen table last Saturday. Everyone in my household was asleep except for me, i decided to take advantage of it and treat myself to two of my favorite things: a cup of tea and crocheting. It was a very peaceful time as I sat crocheting. There was time to enjoy the feel of the rhythm of my hands making stitches with my hook and yarn.I had a sense of peace as I worked. My fingers flew as they made a
familiar stitch many times. I wondered who would receive this blanket and prayed for him or her to be comforted and warmed by it.

Before I knew it, my tea was gone;three rows of orange had been added to the blanket and it was time to wake my household. As I cleaned off the table I hoped the sense of peace would remain through the day, which it did.