Ready For Spring

We had a taste of Spring on Saturday. The temperatures got into the lower fifties. The air was warm  and fresh with a light breeze.The sun was even out. Like most people in our area we took advantage of the situation and spent a bit of time running errands. The people around us seemed much more friendly and relaxed.  It was wonderful to be out and about.  We enjoyed it while it lasted.

Sunday morning brought us back to the reality that we are still in the month of February with cool temperatures and rain. I am grateful it was not snow, but missed the warmth of the sun and the cheer it brought. Today was another chilly cloudy rainy day. I took advantage of it to play with yarn and look for some patterns online.

At the moment I have a Baby Genius cloth on my knitting needles. It is being made with some beautiful variegated  worsted  wt.  yarn that was in a Grab Bag from Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Company.This is a great pattern. Not only does it look wonderful knit with an ombre yarn, but it works up quickly and easily. It should be completed tonight before I go to bed. Pictures will be added to my Flickr Badge once they are taken.

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