In the midst of busy weeks, September slipped away. It was a bittersweet month. Jim White, of KMOX fame died. A chronic physical condition worsened and is now requiring  attention. I started a new job. 

When I woke up yesterday, one of my first thoughts was: "It is finally October!!" This is my favorite month.  Leaves start to change color and  drop from
the trees as the
temperatures begin to drop.The colors range from bright oranges to assorted shades of
brown. There are chilly,windy days that give way to cool evenings and
nights. The sun rises later in the morning and sets earlier in the evening. There is always a sense of newness and change in this month. I begin another of my life and am excited at the prospect of another year. There is something invigorating about this. This is also the time of year that lends itself to  curling up with a hot beverage and doing a fiber related project.  

For these reasons and more, I  joyfully welcome October!

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