More About Changes

After last night's post about problems with Flickr badges, I did a bit of research on the Flickr forums. It was most interesting and educational. The essence of what I learned is that there is a problem with the code used for the Flash badges. There is also a fix available involving making changes in the code. A lot of times I can handle doing such things, but this one went over my head despite my best efforts to make the appropriate changes.

I have written support at Flcikr requesting help. It is only fair that they recieve the courtesy of me patiently waiting a few days for a response. I am gladly doing this. In the meantime, my hands will be busy with knitting and crocheting. My current plan, if I don't hear from them with a solution in the next day or so, is to make a photo album on Typepad.

In the meatime, there is plenty to keep me busy. 🙂

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