Fiber News

Some of you may remember me talking about the Comfortghan that was started a year ago for a friend of mine a little more than a year ago. It has taken a long time, but the squares are finally done!  I am now weaving in the loose ends on them. In typical fashion for me, most of them have been done as I go, but there are still the ends from the center and a few extra long ones that need some attention. My goal is to complete this task by a week from tomorrow. I want ot get the afghan completely sewn together the following week when I am on vacation from work.

On the knitting front there is not much going on. I am limiting the amount of knitting to a bare minimum until the crocheted afghan is completed. The one project being worked on is a rug  made from Peaches and Creme Double Worsted by Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Co. The design is my own and will be posted when the rug is made.

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