Rough Week Over

It’s been a rough week in my house to say the least.

I, who very rarely get sick, developed pneumonia.  Our teenager got the flu and  my husband  had a very bad cold.  For a few days  There was an unusual  amount of sleeping going on, day and night. My favorite words seemed to be "When did you last have a drink?" and "What is your temperature?"

Thankfully the worst seems to be over. My husband returned to work today. A call to my employer informed me that I am not due back until tomorrow. I am able to knit and do a few household chores without wanting to lie back down. My favorite teenager decided to play a computer game today. We are on the mend. Praise be to God!

Knitting needles were pulled out today with the result that a couple of dishcloths on the needles got completed. I made a pile of recently knitted ones, only to discover there are a lot more waiting to be photographed than imagined. That project will have to wait until another day.

For now, the sun is shining, it is 34 degrees F. outside with a bit of a North wind. February is more than half over and there is the promise of Spring in the air.

Have a great weekend and may God Bless!!

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