Week Of The Car and Knitting

Whew!! I am so glad today is Friday. This past week has been quite an adventure. 🙂

It all began last Friday when I decided to take advantage of January White Sales to get some much needed bath towels to replace the worn out ones in my house. Coming home from the store, which is about a fifteen minute drive from home, my car made a loud clunk like sound under the hood. I managed to drive it about five minutes to a safe location before calling for a tow. My wonderful husband was able to use his lunch hour to pick me up. We later learned that there were some serious, but repairable problems with this vehicle. It stayed in the shop the entire weekend, mostly waiting for a part to be delivered. I drove back and forth to work without problems on Monday.

Tuesday was a different story. We met some friends at a local library to visit and go to lunch. When we left for the restaurant, the  power steering was not working. Thanks to the help of a Good , our friends and my husband, we returned the car to the shop. The problem turned out to be a faulty power steering pump which was replaced without a fee to us.

I drove it to work yesterday only to discover steam coming out of the hood when I pulled into the parking lot. There was no time to worry at the moment. I was safe and had other things to do. A brief call to my husband assured me that he would meet me after work to follow me home. The trip home was delightful. My teenager and I enjoyed the time to talk while my husband followed us. The car ran fine until I pulled into the driveway. Once again there was steam coming from under the hood. A trip to the mechanic this morning has revealed a small leak in the cooling system which has been repaired for a very small fee. Hopefully this has taken care of the problem. The vehicle still has some repairs that need attention. We know what they are and  thankfully they can wait  a while to be handled.

Now for the knitting part of this post.  A couple of weeks ago, I posted some knitting goals for the weekend.  The only one which got met was this one:

It turned out to be a larger project than I realized at first. There were more than forty patterns that got printed out and placed in a notebook for future use.

There are eight cloths still waiting to be photographed and posted here and on Flickr. Maybe there will  be time to do  do it on the weekend.

At the moment I am working on three designs by Sue Schaeffer. They are each beautiful in their own way. With any luck, two of the three will be completed this weekend.  There is so much to do and so little time to do all of  it.

Have a great day!!

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