It Is The Weekend!!

Can you tell I am excited? I am so glad this week is finally over. Nothing is wrong except that it has been a busy week. Work has been super busy which means that I am normally completely exhausted at the end of the shift. Conversations with some of my colleagues tell me I am not the only one to experience this. I come home, take some family time, to a load or two of dishes or laundry and sleep. It is not very exciting. Some days there has been  knitting or computer time.  At other times, the best I can muster is family time.

This brings me to another subject. As you may or may not know, we are a homeschooling family. We made this choice several years ago for a variety of reasons after a considerable amount of research, discussion and bit of prayer. We have reached the point in life where our families needs are increasing for educational and parental time with our offspring. That not to say we are lacking in this area. It is only meant to say that my husband and I are seeing the need for more of our time to be devoted to this area of our lives.

Because of this, I have withdrawn from some of groups of which I have been a member for quite a while.  The list owners have been notified privately of this, but I have decided to discuss this here. If you are part of any of those groups, please be assured my decision was strictly based on the need to give my family more time. Children are only young once and I want to keep my priorities in the proper order.

Having said that, please let me tell you about some weekend plans.  We will do the usual errands such as shopping for food, going to the bank, cleaning the house, taking the recyclables to the recycle center and laundry. We are also including lots of individual free time. We are all basically introverts and need time alone to recharge our batteries. It helps all of us to get through the busy times. My time is going to be spent doing fiber related activities.

Here are some of the things I want to do, listed in the order they come to mind:

  • Add links to my dishcloth blog. My files are full of them. My goal is to get up early each morning to do this. It is much easier to do before my family awakens. A side benefit to doing this is that the washing machine or dishwasher can be run while I am working at the computer.
  • Print out  and begin knitting patterns from some of my favorite websites. The one I am most anxious to print patterns from is K1, P1, Keeping You In Stitches Studio. Maile is a super designer in my opinion and has some  lovely patterns posted. I will also print some from the Peaches and Creme web site. There is a delightful assortment of patterns from which to choose, including bookmarks and dishcloths among other items. I have been wanting to take the time to print the patterns from these sites for a long time and have just never gotten around to it.
  • I will put the patterns I have printed into protective covers and file them in their respective note books for future use.
  • There are three dishcloths in varying stages of completion that will be worked on and hopefully finished this weekend. There are also three more waiting to have loose ends woven in. That job will also be done. These will most likely be done after my family is awake simply because I can do them while talking and listening.
  • I will print out patterns, both free and purchased from Harvest Moon Designs. Sue is one of my all time favorite designers. Knitting her patterns is always pleasant.
  • I will also try to work on two afghans that are in various stages of development. There are no promises on how much progress will be made on those.
  • Depending on how much time there is, one of my goals is to take pictures of the finished cloths and post them here.

Have a great weekend!

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