New Year

The holidays are over and life is settling down again.

Here are some of my knitting goals for this year:

   * Knit two dishcloths a week or more.

   * Somehow use more yarn than I buy.

   * Learn to do intarsia.

   * Finish up some partially done projects.

   * Learn to read charts. I want to learn to do this so I can

     translate them into words due to some visual issues.

   * Play around with knitting cables.

Except for the first one, these are not in any particular order.
When the second one was posted to an email group, I was completely serious about it. After thinking about it and being faced with such details in life such as yarn sales and new yarns, I have come to realize that this goal is unrealistic.
At the end of last week I took advantage of a 30% of most yarn sale at Michael’s and bought enough yarn for making the Ribbons of Life Scarf found here. Prudent knitter that I am, extra yarn was purchased to insure enough to complete the pattern. There is now an additional 200 gr–7.0 ounces of yarn in my overflowing stash. I have not used nearly that much in the past week. 

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