Fun Day

What a fun day this has been. It has been snowing almost all day.
Our area has had it’s’ first real snowstorm of the season. The weather forecasters originally said we were going to get about five inches this weekend. In the past few hours that amount has been increased to an estimated nine inches. 

We originally had plans to run some errands today, but changed them once we saw how hard it was snowing. This has been a perfect day to get some knitting done. So far today I have :

  • Finished two cloths except for weaving in the loose ends. They are both knitted on the diagonal and are about 8 inches square.
  • Started another cloth. This one is on the diagonal and will be about 6 1/2  or  7 inches  square at the most. 
  • Frogged one cloth and started another in its place.

This is doesn’t sound like much on the surface. This has all been done
in between: spending time with my family; doing a bit of housekeeping;
reading and answering email; two fairly long conversations with my Mom.
There was also time for a mid morning nap. That was a real treat.

I will try to get some pictures taken of cloths and snowy weather in the morning so they can be posted here. By that time there will hopefully be another cloth or two done and another one started. There is some cotton Chenille calling my name.

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