Still Here

The past three weeks have been more busier than usual with everyday activities taking priority. I have been in house cleaning mode for the past month or so. For me it means :

  • going through books in the basement and setting them in a spot for my husband to box them for delivery to a used bookstore in our area
  • doing a couple of loads of laundry almost everyday so it stays somewhat under control
  • setting up a better file system for important household documents
  • organizing and keeping up with patterns downloaded from the internet
  • putting away bits of my own yarn projects that tend to clutter my house

We have a new addition to our home in the form of a treadmill. Its’ arrival was long awaited and much needed. If you read this blog regularly you have me mention that I have heart disease. In my case it is due to a combination of genetics and a lifestyle of not taking proper care of myself. One of the key factors in the treatment of this is exercise, preferably in  the form of walking according to one of my doctors. This has been a real struggle for me. Now that the treadmill is here it has been much easier to do so. It is not as much fun as walking outside, but it is a lot more convenient, especially with the colder weather upon us. The only downside is that there are days when I have had to choose between walking and knitting. Walking has been winning.

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