Delightful Adventure

    Today is my day off in the middle of the week. I decided to take advantage of the good weather late this morning and go to the newest yarn store in our area, Knitting Couture.  I went looking for some cotton yarn, knitting needles  and ideas for what to learn next. I had heard good things about the store and had decided that if only half of it was true, then it must be a good place.

It  was all true and more.

    Upon entering the store I saw a lady sitting at a table reading knitting books. The table was nestled between two low setting book cases. Love at first look. šŸ™‚ I took off my coat and began browsing the shelves. There are  all six of Barbara Walker’s books, several by E. Zimmerman, some by Meg Swansen and others. The books alone are enough to draw me back to this store.

    The owner, Thi, was quick to greet and welcome me to her shop. The next thing she said was to " feel the yarn". And so I did. I spent at least an hour looking at books and yarns, including the swatches she has placed on a cabinet within feeling reach. Each yarn is more beautiful than the next, each with their own unique qualities.  Mixed with those activities was a wonderfully delightful conversation with  Thi and other customers.   

Thi very graciously answered my questions about making lace with needles. I examined several books about making lace before choosing to bring home Harmony Guide:Lace and Eyelets .
She also told me about the the Knit Along starting in January. The project is Elizabeth Z.’s Pi shawl. It sounds like it will be fun. I will keep you posted.

I left this store with a renewed sense of the fun of knitting. 
This was a delightful and wonderful adventure. šŸ™‚   

3 responses to “Delightful Adventure

  1. I’ll definitely have to check out that new shop… I’ve only heard good things about it.
    Good luck with your lace knitting!

  2. Nice to hear from you again – I’m a newbe to your blog, but have been checking in. Noticed your washcloths posted in Nov – I made up a bunch for christmas presants and have a bunch of people at work that would love me to make up more.
    Kudos to you for choosing your walking over knitting – we acquired a treadmill over the summer… but I have not used it myself yet – need too – but my knitting is winning out… especially in view of Christmas looming ever nearer – Happy Knitting – Karrie

  3. I am glad you like the pattern and are finding it useful. Have fun!