Knitting Fun

There was finally time to take some pictures of the dishcloths I have been making in the past few weeks.
The first several are examples of the Hills and Valleys Cloths of my own design. In typical fashion for me, their sizes vary.

This one is made with Peaches and Creme #198 Black Cherry. It was fun to see how these colors played out.

  This one is made from  Peaches and Creme Burnt Orange . It looks bright and cheerful.

This one was an experiment using a color I had never used before. It is Peaches and Creme Sunflower. The yarn for this was part of a large order of cones received several weeks ago. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. They are remind me of a pumpkin with the blend of orange, yellow and green. I am so glad there is a whole cone of this. 🙂

This is a close up of the stitches from the previous cloth. I decided it was time to play with my camera and learn to use the Macros feature. This is some of the result of that.

This pattern is the Peas and Carrots Scrubber Cloth posted at Elmore Pisgah.The dsigner is Maile Mauch. The yarn used is Lily Floral Prints. The edges on this cloth are very  uneven due to my  own  lack of  even tension. They are not the fault of the designer. The cloth  is vey heavy and sturdy. It is a pattern worth using again.

This cloth pattern is one from the group : Cloth of the Week. This group is one of the best  which I have ever belonged. There is lots of fun and learning.
The yarn is Peaches and Creme Shades of Blue. This pattern is simply beautiful and will be used again. It was also fun to make.

This is the Spa Cloth found at Harvest Moon Designs Upper Room. It is made with Peaches and Creme Gumdrops. If this gets given away, another will be made to replace it.


This is called Weston and is another pattern from the Upper Room.
It is made from Lily Sugar and Cream Holiday Stripes. This is also a pattern that will be used again.

Please do not let the flaws of my knitting be a negative reflection on Sue or Maile. 


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  1. I love your dishcloths I have been knitting some for awhile I think I have become a junkie lol