It has been coaster knitting time in my house for the past week. We have a wooded kitchen table that sometimes lives a hard life. My family is quite loud in their protesting when a protective tablecloth is placed on it. The compromise to this situation is that coasters will be put under glasses, cups and bowls. Serving dishes will have mats, such as dishcloths or potholders, under them.

My part of the compromise is to provide  an ample supply of the coasters and mats in assorted colors and sizes.  Inspired by this site  and this one, I made these coasters.

These are made from Peaches n Creme Teal Ombre.

CoastertrioaI used Peaches ‘n Creme Aztec Ombre for the top cloth and Sugar ‘n Cream in Patio Pinks.   

These are made from Sugar’Cream Rainbow Bright.

The pattern I used was a modified version of Grandma’s Favorite:

Using size #7 ( 4.5 mm ) Bamboo needles:

  • cast on 3 or 4  sts
  • knit across the first row
  • increase by knitting in front and in back of the first stitch of the row, knitting across the rest of the row
  • did this until 30 sts on needle
  • The next row : knit to last 2 sts, then knit 2 tog.
  • continued decreasing until 3 or 4 sts. on needle and bound off.

The first set, which were the Rainbow Bright coasters were made with 3 stitches cast on. I chose to use  four stitches for the other coasters because it looked nicer that way to me.
They measure approximately 4 3/4 inches square before washing. They have not been washed yet so the final measurement is not known.
I weighed them on the kitchen scale this morning and learned that one coaster weighs 0.4 ounces. Five coasters weigh 2.2 ounces.

This is not the most interesting or challenging bit of knitting I have ever done. It is meeting the need my household has for coasters quickly and easily. 

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