Squares and Loose Ends

I stopped making squares for the Rebuilding Greensburg Project a few days ago with the exception of one last square that remains on the needles. It is not quite half finished but will be done in plenty of time to go into the box being sent out very early this week.

Much of my free time today has been spent weaving in loose ends on theres of the squares. It does not matter if the item is small or large, knitted or crocheted. I do not like weaving in loose ends. My dislike is so bad that doing this chore is put off as long as possible. Every time I start a project, I promise myself to weave them in as I go, but I never do. This time there was a good reason. Between work and treatment for a medical condition my days have been super full in the past couple of months. It has taken planning a reasonable amount of organization to make the squares. My original plan was to take time on my days off to weave in the ends. Life did not work out to allow it. Details such as parenting, laundry and other Mom jobs have taken priority. Time is running out and I am in a real time crunch to finish this project. My family is being very understanding about it. They are not objecting to the attention I am giving to the squares this weekend. Actually they are most likely grateful that the box of squares in the kitchen will be out of the way soon. 🙂

It’s back to the squares for now.

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