It’s the Weekend!

The weekend has finally arrived! It is my weekend off. Actually it is my day off since I volunteered to work on Sunday. My shift is short a nurse and we can use the money. None the less, it is the weekend, which means we can sleep in late if we want. Naturally, I am up early after being up late last night. That is fine with me because it means quiet time without anyone awake in my household. These precious minutes will be spent updating my two knitting and crocheting blogs and trying to catch up on email. This is a rare treat.

Three sets of knitting needles have the beginnings of squares for the Rebuilding Greensburg Project on them. They will all be in my knitting bag when we go out to do errands later today. This way I can finish them off while my wonderful husband drives. One of my goals for the weekend is to complete them and start making a couple more.

One response to “It’s the Weekend!

  1. I wish i had those minutes in the morning also to myself. My girls awake with the chichens. that would be a dream, maybe in 10 years from now….