Daily Archives: June 28, 2007

Blog Anniversary

The first anniversary of this blog was missed last week. That was not what I wanted to have happen, but it did. This blog began in a different location and was moved here on Nov. 7, 2oo6. There was no post here to commemorate that wonderful day.  🙁  At that time life was difficult and I was  in the middle of  looking for work outside the home.

A lot has happened since that first post of June 2o, 2006:

  • I have met some wonderful and talented people in the Blogosphere
  • Many hours have been spent writing this blog and reading those of others.
  • Most of all I have had a lot of fun as  a blogger.

Here and Knitting

I am still here and knitting daily. My emphasis is dishcloths and squares for Rebuilding Greensburg. I weighed a couple of squares on our new kitchen scale last night to see how much yarn it is taking to make one. Of the five I checked, two weighed 1.2 ounces and three weighed 1.1 ounce. It takes so little yarn to do so much good, regardless of their destination.

The Mad Dash Cloth is finished. A picture of it will be posted tomorrow along with a couple of other dishcloths. I am currently making the Darrell Waltrip cloth using Passion yarn from my recent purchase from  Elmore Pisgah. It is so pretty. Pictures of it will be posted tomorrow. This will become a well used pattern for some of the multicolored yarns in my stash.