In A Rut

While updating one of my blogs today, I realized that I am in a rut. One of my passions is making dishcloths. They can be crocheted, knitted or Cro-hooked. The method used depends on my mood at the moment. I go through phases where one method is used more than the other. They are quick, fun and can be as hard or easy as the pattern chosen.

There are lots of free patterns available on line; in my home, in the stores and in the Library. My own collection includes a fairly large variety of new and vintage books which abound in patterns and pattern ideas. This does not include the patterns which have been downloaded over the years from friends, groups and web sites that may or may not still be with us.

When it comes time to start making another dish cloth, do I bother to check any of the above resources? Normally the answer is “No.” Instead I automatically begin using one of several patterns that have been used so often they are memorized.

Today was different. In the course of working online I came across a site that jerked me alert to my laziness when it comes to dish and wash cloth making. I saw some of the most unique dishcloths I have seen in a while. The one that stood out from the rest for me today is the Mad Dash Cloth. The reason is not certain. What is certain is that one is on my needles now. It is being made with my all time favorite cotton color, Peaches n Cream Potpurri Ombre. I chose the small cloth because the smaller size is my favorite.

Mad Dash

Hopefully, it looks like it should. If not, I will try again.

This has definitely gotten me out of the rut.

One response to “In A Rut

  1. I love this site! Thank you so much! I am always looking for new patterns and I have never seen any of these before! You are an angel.