Heart Disease and Women

The procedure which has been dreaded for the past two weeks was done today. The result is that there are no changes in the disease which affects my body! This is fantastic news!

Thanks to any and all of you who offered prayers on my behalf.

According to the National Coalition for Women With Heart Disease, I am one of 8 million American women living with heart disease in this country. The American Heart Association says it is the # 1 killer of American women. Indeed, I am one of the fortunate ones because I have not actually had a heart attack or stroke. I also do not want to be a statistic. Starting today his instructions will be taken far more seriously than they have been in the past because I do not want to require the testing which was done today ever again. I also have no desire to experience the long term affects of this disease.

For the next couple of days I will be taking it easy while allowing my body to recuperate from the test performed today. I have mixed feelings about this since there is a lot to be done around my home this weekend. By the same token, I can very easily take advantage of the situation to do some updating on my blogs; answer some email and take knitting and crocheting time.

Now for some knitting news. A couple of days ago I cast on a basic pair of socks using this beautiful yarn: Country Caribean.They started off being made on #2 DPN’s and were changed to 2 pr. of #2 circulars this afternoon while lying flat on my back after the test at the hospital.  This was done because of a fear of losing control of the needles at the angle from which I was knitting. The odds of them returning to the DPN’s for the heel and gusset are great.

They have been tried on and are a great fit so far. Pictures will be taken and posted later this weekend.

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