Daily Archives: April 23, 2007

Week End Fun

This weekend proved to be very fun and interesting. On Saturday we explored a historic part of one of the nearby towns. It has several antique shops most of which are in some of the old houses. Our goals were to:

  1. Have a good time.
  2. Do some treasure hunting.
  3. Maybe learn some history.
  4. Have some good family time.

All of those things happened. We explored until we were tired and ready to come home. I found some soon to be containers for hooks and needles:


Sunday found us at a flea market a little less than an hour from home. My husband and I have been talking about going there for a long time. This place was much larger than we has anticipated so it turned out to be quite an adventure. It would have been worth the time if we had not purchased anything. My treasure was a bunch of needle arts books. Here are pictures of a few of them:



More books



The lady from whom they were purchased said they originally belonged to a friend of hers who had to move out of her home. After a bit of negotiation, I paid $18 for more than one hundred books and magazines. As you can tell there are both knitting and crocheting books here. Some a newer and others are a bit older. Each is a treasure in its own right. Together they are an amazing find. 🙂