Spring Fever

I have a case of Spring Fever. It usually hits about this time every year. The only difference this time is that it is a lot more intense than it has been for years. I am not completely sure why this is the case.

My goal for this spring is to tackle one area of the house a week for a couple of hours and see how much cleaning and uncluttering can be done.

Last week’s victim was our living room and hallway. It was vacuumed, dusted and de-cluttered to such an extent that my family was amazed. The best part was that it only took a couple hours.

Later today I will be cleaning out the closet in the computer/craft/homeschool supply room. My destination is the closet shelf which is home to an assortment of items ranging from books to yarn. My goal is to see what is there and get rid of items no longer wanted or needed. Yarn will most likely not be touched. I do know that there are some latch hook rug kits that can go.   The rest remains to be seen.

Another goal for today is to allow myself some knitting project time. Here is my list of knitting projects to work on today:

1. Work on the mate for the first sock.

2. Weave in loose ends on some of the scarves made a few           weeks ago.

3. Work on the first sock of another pair of socks.

4. Knit a while on a scarf that has been on the needles for a          couple of weeks.

It sounds like a fun day. 🙂

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