It’s Saturday!

It is Saturday and the first of two days off in a row!! I am a tad excited to say the least. I enjoy my job a lot, but weekends off are a treasure.

About a year ago I took one knitting lesson with the idea of taking a series of them. My first goal was to learn to knit socks. I have wanted to learn to do this since I was a teenager. Life didn’t work out the way it was planned and the knitting lessons had to be put on hold.

The sock was put away until I was able to schedule another knitting lesson. The lesson was this past Wednesday. I learned to turn a heel, make the heel gusset and began shaping the gusset. It was enthralling to watch my tubular piece of knitting begin to look like a sock. The turning of the heel is an amazing process which I think will always fascinate me.
>My First Sock

This is only my very first knitted sock. There are flaws in the stitching. Some of the stitches are not even. I have not dropped as many stitches on one project in a long time. That is all right because this is a learning experience.

There is a lot more to be done on this one. I will post more pictures in the days ahead. The mate to it will be made and they will be worn with pride and joy.

It is only one of many yet to be made. I am already addicted to sock knitting. There are so many styles to make and so many colorways and types of yarn waiting to be tried.

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