Interesting Weekend

Here is a picture from this weekend’s ice storm:

Many of the trees in our area are being adversely affected by the weight of the ice on them. We have been fortunate because despite the storm roads are not bad. We lost power twice this weekend, but only for relatively short periods each time.

The first time occurred overnight Friday night and into Saturday morning. We had electricity again before noon. This was pretty impressive for our neighborhood.

The most inconvenient time was yesterday afternoon. The electricity was out for most of the afternoon. It would not have been a big issue except that our plans for that time included doing laundry and cooking for the upcoming week. Instead, my family played Chess while I started knitting an afghan that is on my list of items to make in the next few weeks. We used a combination of daylight and battery operated lanterns as light sources.

Here is the beginning of the afghan:

Anthea ghan

It is based on the Take It Easy Scarf. After doing a gauge swatch I cast on 150 stitches on a #15, 47 inch circular needle. It is an easy pattern that is working up quickly and easily. I am using some one strand of blue and one strand of a dark rose acryclic from my stash. I may change colors at some point, but have not decided right now.

The afternoon turned out to be fun. We had some good family  time and I got some knitting done.  After the lights came on we resumed laundry and cooked.

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