Daily Archives: December 31, 2006

A bit Egotistical Perhaps?

Yesterday evening I spent a bit of time going through some FO’s and took pictures of them. Here are some I would like to share, just for the fun of it and because now I can do so.
Dark Pink Square

This was made using some scraps of yarn from my stash. It is an 8 inch square.

My Squares

May each of you have a Happy New Year!!

Knitting and Happy Dance

Today was fun. I am more excited tonight ( by now it is really morning ) than I have been in a long time. DH and I decided to get me a digital camera today while we were running some errands. I found one I liked at the first store we went to but In typical fashion thought it best to check out some other stores in our area. We did and learned that the first place we went to had the best buy for our money.

I have spent much of the past several hours learning to use the camera and taking pictures of some knitting and crocheting projects. Below is a picture of the scarf I am knitting for the Red Scarf Project.
Rib Scarf

It is being made of 2 strands of worsted wt. acrylic yarn on # 15 needles. I cast on 24 stitches and used the knit stitch on the first two rows. The rest of the scarf is being made in a 3 by 3 rib. I will probably knit the last two rows before binding it off. This scarf is working up quickly and easily.