Morning Fun

This morning began normally with me taking computer time to view a couple of my favorite web sites while my husband was still sleeping. I continued with this until he was out of the shower and getting ready for work.

Making a long story very short, we are dog sitting for a family member for a few days. The dog is the size of a large collie. I will call hime Guest Dog.

He got up a bit early today to inflate a flat tire on the van and to arrange for its’ repair. We had decided to have it towed to a local repair shop for some overdue repairs. He decided to let the dogs go out with him. This should not be a problem. Our own dog knows the boundaries and how far to push them. She has the run of the yards on either side of us with the consent of our neighbors.

Meanwhile, I had retreated to the computer room to work on a blog. At least two of them were in need of some serious work today.

After a few minutes, my husband came in looking for our guest dog’s leash. He was not a happy person. I was very briefly told that Guest Dog went into the yard of a neighbor who would not be pleased to find a dog in his yard. This was not a good way to start a day.

In the meantime, our son, who was already outside, went after Guest Dog. He managed to get hold of the dog’s collar and get him over into the dog friendly yard of our next door neighbor. This was fine for a moment. Guest Dog pulled away from son and would not stand still. My Husband approached Dog with the leash provided by family “just in case you need it”. Guest Dog saw husband approach and decided he was in play mode. That being said, Guest Dog began running.

I watched as my husband ran across three yards chasing this huge dog as fast as he could. Son was also involved in the chase. Our own dog was just standing in the yard watching the fun. Guest Dog was caught before he reached the bushes separating the homes on our side of the street from a small strip mall which has easy access to the main road in our town.

I had the fun of watching the excitement from the front door. It was truly comical from my perspective. I wondered what the people passing by were thinking on their way past our house. My hope is that they had a laugh out of it to start their morning. I know I certainly did.

Once my husband, son and both dogs were inside, our son announced that Guest Dog was grounded from going into the front yard for the rest of the day. So he was.

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