Catching Up

I just realized that it has been almost two months since I wrote anything here at all. They have been busy, though not exciting months.

I now have new glasses which I hate. They are bifocals to be used for both near and far vision. The division between the near and far vision is placed according to my specifications and the frames look nice. The problem is that I simply do not like bifocals. The first time I wore them was many years ago before technology was as advanced as it is today. I hated them then and I still hate them. People say things like “you have to get used to them”. They are right, but some things push my limits, like these blasted things.  I wear them for driving and will carry them with me for work so I can wear them when I cannot see to safely work. Other than that they live in their case. Once we can afford it I will get a pair for driving and another pair for for everything else. I know that in the scope of life this is a minor issue, but having worn glasses for most ofmy life, this is an issue about which I have strong feelings.

Since the new glasses arrived about two and half weeks ago much of my focus has been on job hunting. The search is now over and I start a new job next Monday. Technically it took a little over two months to find work, if you count the time I was without work, but actually it only took about two weeks. Working without glasses is not a choice.

This week is being spent meeting some family commitments and completing some projects around the house. It is nothing exciting: catching up on laundry; getting homeschool lessons planned for at least the next week or two; completing a couple of knitting projects, starting another project or two and having time to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.

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