This has been an interesting and educational week. My family has needed for me to return to work as a nurse for quite a while. Monday was spent doing some important Mom jobs so that left the rest of the week for job hunting.  What a week it has been!!

The last time I worked as a nurse was several years ago.    This was before the current nursing shortage. Wednesday morning I went to a lovely retirement center and was met by very kind and loving people who made it plain that they were glad to have  an RN apply for a job. The best part was that my six years away from the profession was not treated as negative. That was a huge relief!! I explained the reasons for my actions and was reassured that as a woman there are times when my career may take second place to family needs.  Even if this organization does not offer me a job, it’s staff provided me with a boost of courage that was desperately needed.

Thursday was the day I attended a job fair strictly for RN’s.  This event seemed  planned to the most minute detail. After signing in, I was given a pass to allow me to leave the paid parking garage without paying. To many people this might seem like a small thing, but to me it was a big issue.  It meant I could stay as long as needed without being concerned about not having cash to pay for parking.  What a relief!! I was escorted to the conference room by a recruiter who made it her business to put me at ease and insure that I was put in touch with the person with whom I needed to speak. I will spare you the details except to tell you that the hospital went out of its way to sell themselves to the RN’s present.  This was impressive.

Today I went to a long term care facility not far from home.  Once again I was welcomed with open arms.  My absence from nursing to be a Mother to my child was not viewed negatively. The experience was very positive. Once again, even if a position is not offered, the time was well spent.

The common thread of each of these days was the attitude of respect for me as an RN  with experience. This was refreshing. I know that there are gaps in my knowledge after not having worked in a few years, but as a professional this can be overcome with a little effort on my part.

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