Scarf Knitting and Life

This is proving to be a busy week in my house. I am still working on the red and blue scarf from several days ago. It is more than halfway finished. It is turning out quite nicely. The credit for using a lighter weight yarn and a heavier weight one goes to Bev for making the Blog Scarf . I don’t have any sock yarn in my stash but there is plenty of sport yarn. This yarn is doing a fine job by adding a little extra bulk and color to the scarf. it is a technique I will be using frequently in the future. My original goal was to have it done before now, but life got in the way.
I am spending a lot of time this week job hunting which is cutting into knitting and computer time a lot. I have an idea in my brain for a dishcloth design, but won’t have the time to work on it until the week end. Adding links and making some changes here will also have to wait a couple of more days.

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