My glasses arrived yesterday afternoon!! After about a month I can finally see normally again! I had taken them to an optical shop associated with a former employer of DH thinking I could save some money. That was fine in theory but they did not make them to meet my needs twice. After getting them back wrong from the lab the second time, I asked for my money back for the lenses. My choice was to keep and pay for the frames. I was told the refund is on its way from the company’s home office. This occurred on Monday.

Tuesday morning the frames and prescription were taken to a local optical shop. My needs were explained. I was told the glasses would be ready for pickup by Friday or Monday. Yesterday afternoon my anxious inquiry was met with the response that the glasses had arrived. I was still dubious to say the least. There have not been many times in my life when a lab has been able to prepare them accurately this quickly. To my delighted surprise, not only were they ready, but they were made correctly. I could see!!!

This means that I can drive again; have fewer headaches; and look for work.

It will take a while for me to adjust to them since they are a stronger bifocal than the previous prescription. My tolerance for them last night was limited but will hopefully increase in the next couple of days.

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