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My latest project is making some scarves for the Orphan Foundation of America. I learned about their Red Scarf Project so late last year that there was only enough time to make a few scarves. My original plan was make several scarves for them this year. I also wanted to use better yarn than the acrylic that is in my stash. It is now November. I am not working. There is no money for additional yarn. There are no scarves made for this project at the moment.

What’s a lady to do??? I could rob a bank; steal yarn from an LYS ; refuse to make any scarves; beg for yarn ; or buy yarn with bill and grocery money. Those just don’t sound like such good ideas.

Instead, my choice was to make a scarf using acrylic yarn in my stash. This scarf needs to be unisex, bright and cheerful; nice looking but utilitarian; quite washable and soft; and mostly comfortable. The choice of yarn was easy. I picked out a skein of red worsted weight yarn and a skein of blue sport weight yarn from the bins in the basement. These will work quite nicely for what I have in mind.

The pattern had been chosen before the yarn. It is called the Easy Scarf and is positively beautiful. The designer of the pattern used yarn I can only dream I own at this time. Maybe next year this yarn can be used. Right now I am making due with what is on hand. Generations of women have done that before me and will most likely do it after me.

I chose my trusty Size 15 straight Boye needles. It took a bit of trial and error to determine the correct number of stitches to give me the desired width of approximately 7-8 inches. Eventually 24 stitches were cast on using one strand each of the red and blue, to give a width of 7 1/2 inches. That is close enough. The first four rows were done in the garter stitch. This has been followed by pattern as written by the designer. There are 3.2 stitches per inch and 3 rows per inch done in pattern.

What a great pattern!! It is working up quickly and easily. It is also making a soft squishy fabric.

This is a great project to do when I am talking with my family or in the car as a passenger. It is also good to work on in those rare moments of television watching.

I realize my version is probably not what the designer had in mind. But it is working and will give some deserving student a scarf that says ” I care.” That is what the Orphan Foundation of America wants to accomplish.

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  1. There is much that can be said for making do … the scarf will be beautiful; your pattern choice is very nice.
    Best wishes,