No Internet Service

<>This week has been interesting.

I sat down on Thursday evening to read some mail and possibly write on my blogs, only to discover that I could not access the internet. Bummer!!! After checking all the computer conenctions and restarting the computer, I called my husband and told hime I needed him to contact our ISP. He has far more patience with the customer service people there than I will ever have.

After spending quite a while with them he informed me that we will be recieving a CD in the mail to remedy our problem.  Oh goody…All I need is to be without  internet access for several days….I know that is a whine, but I am spoiled by having this great resource at my disposal.

This evening, while in the midst of internet withdrawal, I asked my loving husband to contact the ISP and ask them some more questions. He looked at me, said he thought he remembered some previous instructions from one of the tech support people. He decided to unplug the router, turn of fthe modem and shut down the computer for a while. After several minutes, he plugged up the router, and restarted the modem and computer. He finally called me in to look at the monitor….There was my homepage on my favorite browser!!! Yeah!!! We were back online. After a little more than 48 hours without internet access I was back online. Suddenly there is so much to do:

  1. Down load email.
  2. Answer email.
  3. Check on blogs.
  4. Update blogs.
  5. Make and follow up on a list of things to look up. We are a homeschooling family and as such use the internet much like an encyclopedia. One of my jobs is to look up answers to questions on the computer. Others are capable of doing so, but I am the one who truly enjoys the task.
  6. Read the local paper online.
  7. Read a favorite blog which has not been visited in days.
  8. Check another site for a crochet pattern.
  9. <>Look up a web site that has forms for parents to use.
  10. <> Locate and download a dishcloth pattern I am wanting to try.
  11. I am sure there are more things to do online, but you get the idea…..Face it, I am an internet junkie.


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