I haven’t been knitting or crocheting much at all in the past few days. There a some squares with loose ends waiting to be woven in. The stack needs to be finished tomorrow so it can be mailed ASAP….Hopefully my family will be open to the idea of Family Reading time this evening. If they are, then I will weave in the loose ends during this time. We have plenty of books in our ‘To be read’ pile for such times. The hard part is choosing which one of many to read.

Once the squares are completed I will move on to completing the Ball Band cloth that is on my needles….I look forward to posting a picture of it. The colors are nice. The yarn so soft!! It may end up as a facecloth rather than a washcloth. After that is done, I have not decided what to make……Perhaps another dishcloth. I don’t know yet.

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