Yarn, Links and Dishcloths

The past couple of days have been very interesting. I have been in dish and wash cloth making mode for the past few weeks. This week has been no different. I am in the process of making a Big Dotty cloth using Sugar n Cream Gumdrop and Hot Orange. There will eventually be an inverse set. This first one has Gumdrop as the front color and Hot Orange as the back color. It will be so pretty. It is only about a third of the way completed but that’s because I made a mistake on it yesterday and frogged it. I restarted it this morning. Once it is done and loose ends are woven in I will post pictures of it here. It is fun combining bright colors in ways I have never had the courage to do before.
For the present, I am making only Big Dotty dish and wash cloths. The contrast of textures: smooth on one side and a bit less smooth on the other, is appealing to me. I like way they look when using two colors in the way the pattern uses them. There are other patterns I want to try, but they can wait for now.My yarn stash is very slowly becoming smaller. It seems to be taking a while though. Making dish and wash cloths is not the quickest way to deplete it….It’s summer here in the Midwest which means heat and high humidity. It’s easier and much more pleasant to make smaller items using natural fibers in this weather, even with air conditioning.

I never knew there was so much to learn about blogging. It took a few times to find the template that has the basic style I want. After finding it, I played around wit the side bar and messed it up so badly the easiest thing to do was start all over. Now it looks the basic way I like it. It needs a few more links and buttons, but those will come in time.

Thanks to Lisa at Calming Seas , I now know how to post buttons onto a blog. It was so kind and helpful of her to teach me how to do that. It was a fun thing to learn.

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  1. I love The Big Dotty. And your play of colors. I also read that you said Calming Seas healped you with the button set up. I’ve started my own blog and so far added three buttons, but only with a tremedous amout of help. But I still don’t get it. Was wondering if there is a really simple way she showed you, if you could send it to me???????? I will list you blog on my as a site I visit ofter from now on. Any help would be appreciated as a new fellow blogger. LOL Deb Page @ rpageserv@sbcglobal.net ~ http://mimis-knitting-corner.blogspot.com/