First Blog

June 20, 2006

My First Experience With A Blog

This is exciting!!! I have been thinking about doing this for a long time. The impetus for doing this is all of the knitting and crocheting I have been doing.

At the first of the year, I promised DH and DS I would not buy any more yarn this year until I had used up the equivalent of one 16 gallon tote of yarn…..I blew that one a long time ago, but am still concentrating on using what is on hand. Progress has been pretty good so far. I have only bought yarn a few times this year., which is not bad for me. the first couple of times it was on sale…The yarn called my name and said it was mine. LOL!!!
This last time, I went looking for some bright colored cotton yarn to go along with what is on hand. The motivation was knitting dishcloths. Yes…That’s right. I am knitting dishcloths. The Mason-Dixon Knitting book that I had requested from the library became available. It has some great patterns in it. A couple of them have caught my fancy…Actually, they have become an obsession.

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